What's new: Giordano Ball Tees

Many of us regard Giordano as a staid and boring brand due to its track record of mainly selling basic tees (or "Essentials" as the brand would like to call it), but perhaps it's time to do a double-take. Giordano Ball Tees show the fun, carefree side of the brand with its 60s inspired retro prints featuring a more updated twist.


It doesn't hurt that each tee is only P899, plus they can be worn so many ways. A tee could go over a slinky dress, shorts, a body con skirt, or leggings. It can also go over maxi skirts or dresses, belted or knotted. 

ball tees1

ball tees

The Ball tees are made of 100% Cotton Jersey. Sizes are available in Small (which could fit Small and Medium-sized women) and Medium (which can fit Large to Extra large-sized women).


So yeah, I think the new tees are worth checking out if you're near a Giordano store. ;)