The Redhead Model Search is on!

Last Friday, I was invited by SM and OMD Media to talk about their newest campaign. They just launched the Redhead Model Search, and they're inviting everyone to join! They will be choosing the three new faces of Redhead, SM's clothing line for spunky young women. So if you're 15-25 y/o with the "k" and the guts to be one of the future top models in the country, I highly recommend you compete. This might be your big chance at the spotlight!

Can you strut it?

Flaunt it?

And pose like you mean it? Then join The Redhead Model Search now! Here are the detailed mechanics for your perusal:

Redhead Girl Search Contest Rules and Mechanics



The Redhead Model Search is on Article


A couple more photos from the meeting. It was nice to get to say hello to the new bloggers, as well as to Cristel from OMD and Justa, the Ad and Promo Manager of SM Girls Teens’ Wear!