Bloggers United Bazaar

Last Friday, I did the stupidest thing I've probably ever done in my life: I walked that gravel parking lot next to The Podium from Megamall to ADB in 5-inch stiletto heels. Never again! What was I thinking? Anyway.

I managed to drop by the Malayan Plaza hotel for the Bloggers United bazaar. I wanted to see all my blogger friends, maybe chat a bit, because I don't know when I'll be able to see them next! I didn't get to stay that long though because I wanted to talk shop with Paul, one of the two guys behind PMP Communications. Had fun seeing everyone nonetheless.

Pax and I. She's wearing Ferretti!

I met Mr. Fu of WOW FM!!! The dude's a riot. And we both love NARS!

Rosanna Aranaz and Paul

Kryz, Laureen, Patricia

Paul, thanks for sharing your photos here on Project Vanity! Girls, he's single. ;)

Congrats again to Pax and co for organizing such a successful event. Looking forward to the next one!