Paul & Joe Lipstick C in 071 Afternoon Delight

One of the most beautiful lipsticks I own is this Paul & Joe Lipstick C in Afternoon Delight. What an apt name! The cardboard packaging features a beautiful floral print in grays and fuchsias while the lipstick tube itself has Paul & Joe's iconic chrysanthemum engraving.

As with all Paul & Joe products that I've tried, this lipstick has a superb formula. It feels like lip balm, very thin and moisturizing. The finish is a hybrid of satin and gloss which makes lips look more supple. As for the color - it's cute! There's no other word for it. The shade is a cool, blue-based pink which looks great on fair to medium skin tones. It's quite versatile since you can wear the shade with neutral or heavy eyeshadows.

The color look fuchsia on the tube, but the sheer formula is more of a creamy, cool pink when worn

The lipstick, however, is not without a couple of caveats. To get a nice solid color going, you may need to layer several times, more if you have pigmented lips. The cardboard packaging is also prone to dirt and yellowing so you have to be really careful with handling and storing this lipstick.

These cons aside, I think that the lipstick's packaging, formula, and shade is worth investing in if you like collecting and using unique products. I don't know the exact price of the Paul & Joe Lipstick C, but my guess is that it's roughly around P1,100. It's part of their Spring-Summer 2011 Parasol Collection.

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