Coverage: the Project Vanity Clinique Party, take two!

This post is a little late, but that's only because I was waiting for the second Clinique Party attendees to write about our private event. I thought it would be fun to narrate what happened using their own words! 

Photos from Kari

The cute-as-a-button Kari was the first girl to come in. She narrates, "I decided to go ahead with the skin consultation and makeover while waiting for everyone else. Dindin, one of the Clinique consultants, helped me go through a comprehensive skin test and patiently explained the reasons for each of my skin problems...[she] gave me tips on how to keep those skin concerns in check, which basically boiled down to: 1.) exfoliation and 2.) sun protection. My dry-combination skin (type 2) needed regular but gentle exfoliation to scrub old skin cells away (which caused flaking) and sun protection to take care of the new ones that emerge."

The bubbly Angeli (who I met before) enjoyed meeting her fellow beauty enthusiasts. "Another best thing about Clinique party is that I had the opportunity to meet other beauty afficionados from different walks of life all bound together by our love for kikay stuff. The girls were all so beautiful and looked so put together. I have to admit, I was never the big fashionista but I'm getting there hehehe..."


I was looking forward to meet Bea, since I recently got her as part of my staff for The running joke is, we have yet to make the ultimate kikay out of her! Hahahaha.

She said, "I had a blast meeting up with other beauty bloggers, some of them quite new. (I don't know if I've ever told anyone, but the fashion and beauty bloggers are actually my favorites in the blogosphere because they're the most down-to-earth of the lot. If I looked like them, my head would probably be swelling to gargantuan proportions. I know very little of their world and listening to them exchange information is just so fascinating. Second wave feminists are free to cut off my head for this opinion, hehe.)" LOL.

Me, Bea, Kira, Kari

Lori, who I always see commenting here, is being funny about the whole thing. "When I arrived, I got so giddy and excited when I saw the other readers. Didn't know how to start a conversion at first. hihi. Nahihiya pa nga ko pumasok sa booth. Haha. Then, I saw Ms. Liz. Woot! Na-STARSTRUCK ako. Inferr! Kalowka! Haha. Gusto ko magpa-picture agad kaso nahiya pa ko so ikot-ikot nalang muna and checked on Clinique's products." Anuba! We're cool. ;)

Lori and I

Ae the architect said, "The party was at the Clinique counter of Rustan’s Makati. I’ve been around beauty counters all the time, but I’ve never sat at any, ever (I just pitter-patter around the makeup testers)! So sitting there and meeting everyone was really kind of, overwhelming. You feel like you know them (from reading about them) but you actually don’t. But everyone was just so cool and friendly, I kind of picked up my pace a few moments after. Mira, Clinique’s Marketing Manager took extra care of everyone, greeting, complementing and chatting up everyone who comes in the counter."

Ae looks like an artista!

Mara looking flawless


Kira is already a veteran here. Girl loves Clinique!

Mira, the Clinique Marketing Manager, with her super bouncy hair

Not complete :(

So there! I'm glad that everybody had fun. To summarize, here are their blog posts with more photos:

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'Till next! 

All photos are taken from their respective blogs.