MAC Soba eyeshadow

If you follow Hollywood red carpet affairs, you'll notice that a lot of celebs prefer what looks like minimal makeup. They usually wear flawless foundation, a bit of contour, lined eyes, lashes heavy with mascara and falsies, and an MLBB lipstick or, depending on the look they're going for, something loud yet classy like red. You'll rarely see Hollywood celebs wear heavy, colorful eyeshadow!

Mila Kunis at the 2011 Oscars: the quintessential Hollywood look

The eyeshadows they choose to wear are kind of sneaky. Like a good contouring powder for our face, their eye color of choice (like what Mila Kunis is wearing) serves more to contour the eyes rather than to make them pop. The color is subtle, barely there, yet it does a great job of prettifying the peepers without a lot of hassle and drama.

MAC Soba seems to do just that for me.

MAC Soba is described as a neutral brown with very fine gold flecks. It has satin finish (my favorite kind), which means that it's not too flat like mattes or too distracting like shimmers - it's just right in between, like Goldilock's proverbial bowl of porridge. It's pigmented but the color itself barely shows up on my NC35 skin, which suits me just fine.

It does a nice job of defining the lid or the crease. Overall a great, flattering eyeshadow that works with Pinay skin.

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