Quick tips on red lips (and products to try)

Are you considering red lips for Valentine's Day (or any day)? A lot of women are a little scared of this color because it's loud AND fussy, but I think it's in keeping with the occasion's theme. A bit of fuss during the first application, when done right, is worth it since you probably don't have to apply it again during the day.

Here are some quick tips as well as some lipstick suggestions:

  • Prime your lips with balm. Don't slather on too much. A very thin layer is enough to moisturize; too much and your lipstick will just stay on top and slide off or bleed.
  • Apply a red lip liner just a little bit inside your natural lip line. Red can be an overwhelming color and you don't want your mouth to look like one huge stoplight! Thin but juicy red lips are more sophisticated compared to thick red ones. 


Shaded with lip liner


  • Shade your whole lip with lip liner, then blot with tissue. Avoid simply lining your lips since doing so will expose ugly lines when your lipstick fades away.
  • Apply your first layer of red lipstick. There's no need to color the lines and thus disturb them. Just color inside!

  • If you make mistakes, correct them with a flat brush dipped in concealer to prevent the color from bleeding out.

  • Blot off your first layer, then apply another layer. This step should help make your lipstick last longer.

  • Matte red lipsticks are the best kind, since glossy reds can be too much. Satin reds are also ok.  If you want some shine though, dab a bit on gloss on the center of your lips then press your puckers together. There's no need to apply gloss all over.

Done and done. Now a lot of girls are asking me for my red lipstick recommendations. Well, it wouldn't hurt to start with the cult favorites, like MAC Russian Red and Ruby Woo. You can also try these:

The Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Lava Love is one knockout red shade. It has a slight, almost unnoticeable orange undertone, just enough to make it friendly to yellow-toned skin, but not enough to make your teeth look yellow.

Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick in Really Rosy is a good option for girls who are looking for a more wearable red. It's red, but not the loud kind!

NYX Electra, P160 at Carefresshopper.multiply.com

NYX Black Cherry is a dark, dark red, almost black from afar. This is a very adventurous color that's super glamorous if you know how to pull it off. This would look great on really tan girls, but pale girls can also wear it with almost zero makeup.

IMG_0009 by project_vanity.

The Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Coral is, as you can guess from the name, a red coral shade. Nice on morena skin as well. 

The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in All Fired Up is my current absolute favorite red. It has a soft, cushy finish in a shade that really suits my skin. It's the one I used in this tutorial!