A day in the life of a pseudo-celebrity

I've always wondered how it would be like if I were a glamorous celebrity. I would imagine the lights, the makeup, the beautiful clothes, and a score of people attending me as I prepare for a fab shoot. But I am not a celebrity, so all I can do is wonder (and D-I-Y to death) - that is, until Sunsilk asked me to join a shoot by one of the country's top photographers, Niccolo Cosme!

Sophie, Shen, Nikki, and I

I've been blogging for a few years now. In the course of my "career", I've luckily experienced a few cool milestones, but being part of a real photoshoot is definitely a first. It's all thanks to Sunsilk, who chose four beauty bloggers to celebrate with them after they reached 1,000,000 fans on their Hair Experts Facebook Page.

What do you think? I normally hate this angle of me, but Niccolo Cosme has some magic in his shutters. ;) Anyway, would just like to share a photo diary of what transpired at the shoot. You'll see a lot of Sophie, Nikki, and Shen as we prepare for the shoot behind the scenes.

Nikki is bright and sunny as always

Sophie isn't a morning person, but she's looks great even though her day before was super stressful

Getting ready for my turn 

Makeup station. Sooo many goodies.

Sophie's artista hair

The organized chaos, with Nikki smiling for the camera anyway

Oodles of accessories and clothes to choose from. The stylist made short work of us!

Discussing details - that's Carla and Earl from Media Contacts, and Niccolo Cosme

From my Blackberry: Shen is all geared up for her photo

Nikki, too! 


I did my eyes using my Urban Decay palette and my face using Sophie's awesome mineral foundation (not available here, boohoo). Eyebrows from a MUA in David's Salon, lips and contour by the MUA at Niccolo's studio. Haha.

What a flattering dress. Wanted to buy it from the stylist, but it was sadly P3,000!

I cannot pose for the life of me. Swear. I'm not being coy. But Niccolo helped with his pointers! He would demonstrate pa. How it went -

Niccolo: Give me sultry eyes!

Liz: Whaaat. Di ko carry.

Niccolo: Ganito, look down, then up!

Liz: Okay let's see (trying hard ha).

Niccolo: Perfect! 

Aaaaand you've seen the results. :P You know, I think everyone should have their pics taken - makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist, pro photographer all included - at some point in their lives. It can make one feel special, and capture one's youth and beauty before old age. Try it some time. I know I enjoyed my experience, and the photo I got from it. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my coverage, and thanks Sunsilk for this beautiful day!