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A day in the life of a pseudo-celebrity

I've always wondered how it would be like if I were a glamorous celebrity. I would imagine the lights, the makeup, the beautiful clothes, and a score of people attending me as I prepare for a fab shoot. But I am not a celebrity, so all I can do is wonder (and D-I-Y to death) - that is, until Sunsilk asked me to join a shoot by one of the country's top photographers, Niccolo Cosme!

Sophie, Shen, Nikki, and I

I've been blogging for a few years now. In the course of my "career", I've luckily experienced a few cool milestones, but being part of a real photoshoot is definitely a first. It's all thanks to Sunsilk, who chose four beauty bloggers to celebrate with them after they reached 1,000,000 fans on their Hair Experts Facebook Page.

What do you think? I normally hate this angle of me, but Niccolo Cosme has some magic in his shutters. ;) Anyway, would just like to share a photo diary of what transpired at the shoot. You'll see a lot of Sophie, Nikki, and Shen as we prepare for the shoot behind the scenes.

Nikki is bright and sunny as always

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