Purederm Shiny and Hydrating Hair Mask with Jojoba Oil

I just bought a basic sewing machine yesterday. I haven't taken pictures yet since I was busy tinkering with it all day (and all of last night), but I'll share with you what I've done with it once I have something! Anyway, for today, I'd like to talk about this Purederm hair mask.

I'll make this review short: I love it. It smells super minty, and feels minty on my hair. Come to think of it, it's like I put toothpaste on my head! The white cream itself feels heavy and luxurious yet easy to rinse off.

This hair mask made my hair feel bouncy, moisturized, plus it added a bit of shine. I did't suffer any itching or dandruff, so I will definitely be stocking up on this. It's P90 at Watsons. Pretty cheap for a great, DIY hair mask!