When you run out of things to wear...

...rummage through your guy's closet, or sew something! These days I feel as if all my clothes are too "young" on me. I don't want to look like a teenybopper at my age, for crying out loud. I don't want to look too manang and boring either! The look I'm going for is something feminine, sophisticated, and subtle. I think I'm over those clothes that scream LOOK AT ME.

So anyway, I found this Gap shirt from Marco's closet. I gave this to him for Christmas, but dude's never worn it! How annoying. I decided to, ah, borrow it for this outfit post. I love how the dark sea green works with the bright red rose belt.

The trick to making men's clothing look more feminine is super simple: 1) Wear high heels 2) Wear something floral 3) Wear something lacy and poof! It's ready to serve.

We now move on to Exhibit B. I mentioned a few weeks back that I bought a sewing machine. I had fun with it for one day, when suddenly, it sortof broke down. I think it's not the machine per se, but in the way I'm using it. I spent many a night unfairly hurling invectives at it! Hehe. When I finally figured it out, work caught up with me and I just lost interest. I'll get back to it once I'm inspired; I'm still in the middle of sewing a pretty lace skirt.

Before I stopped, I managed to sew this peach coverup. I like to layer this  with different tops since it adds some nice texture and color.

Aaand that's it. How's your Tuesday going?