Paul & Joe Creamy Powder Compact Foundation

I've always wanted to try a Paul & Joe foundation since reading a lot of rave reviews online. The only reason I haven't bought it before now is how expensive it is. A refill and a compact costs upwards P2,000; it's a bit too hefty for me. So, when I got an invite to the 70% off sale, I jumped at the chance to grab my own Paul & Joe foundie!

I spent only P870 for the whole thing, which makes it one of the best makeup bargains I've come across. I've been using it since I got it and I must say, it IS a great product. If it's something I'll buy at full price remains to be seen.

What I love about it

  • Light to medium coverage. Smooth, my-skin-but-better effect. You can't believe how very few foundations can give you this!
  • The coverage is light to medium, with a semi-matte finish. Don't expect it to cover your darker blemishes. You can use the foundation by itself but it's also a great base for powder foundation due to its creamy nature. It will help the rest of your makeup show up better and stay on longer.

What it looks like on me, topped off with finishing powder

  • Dries down into a satiny powder finish when applied
  • Blends beautifully and easily
  • Soft sponge applicator with fine holes. Does a great job spreading and evening out the product. In fact I'd say sponges are the only thing you can use with it, since you won't get the same pigmentation with any face brush
  • Beautiful packaging. It's something anyone can proudly display while retouching or just checking makeup
  • Has SPF 15. Might seem small, but that's equivalent to 3 hours of sun protection.

This is shade number 31. It's for light medium skin. Could work with both beige or yellow undertones.

What I don't like about it

  • So-so oil control. Well, it IS cream makeup and I HAVE combination-oily skin. Expect to oil up within four to five hours of having it on. I use powder foundation or finishing powder after this to cull down oil.
  • This is really my only major, possible deal breaker gripe about it: the pan only contains 7 grams of foundation! MAC has 12 grams, Shiseido has 9.8 grams. Have you seen a MAC Studiofinish Concealer? That has 7 grams of product. My goodness. I used my P&J foundation for only two weeks and I have already hit pan. Sit back and absorb that for a bit. A refill costs P1,450.


The Paul & Joe Creamy Powder Compact is best for girls who like faking perfect skin - and pulling it off! I really love the natural, glowing effect this foundation gives me. Go for this if money is no object and you don't mind buying a pan every month or so!


I love it, but I don't love how I don't get value for my money. I've spent P1,600+ for my foundations; the price of the refill isn't really the problem. I would gladly spend P1,450 if only there was more product in the pan.

Will I buy this again? At this point, I'm not sure. I really like the formula and finish. I'll see if I can't live without this once I finish it off.


So what do you think? Tried this yet? Do you think I should buy again?


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