Paul & Joe haul at the private sale

I was in the high heavens during the Paul & Joe private sale. Everything was less than P1,000! Unbelieveable! For an upscale brand like Paul & Joe that is a major, major deal. This is what I got from the sale:

Lovely packaging. I adore seeing them all together!

Would you believe that I only spent P2,600+ on everything you see here? How crazy is that? These are my first ever Paul & Joe purchases. I scored the well-reviewed cream foundation, cream blush, face colors/eyeshadows, eye crayon, and lip crayon. I'm liking everything so far - give me a couple of weeks and I'll post reviews.

The big blue floral box was actually given to me as a press kit by Prestige Brands (thanks Maan!) which housed their latest fragrance and a Paul & Joe makeup pouch from their Sahara collection. Here's what the gorgeous pouch looks like:

I am seriously in love with pretty, shiny things which is why I am in this industry. It's really shallow, but there's nothing like beauty in whatever form to cheer a person up! It can be a bright eyeshadow color, cute cardboard boxes, or lovely unique prints. It doesn't take much. ;)

Anyway, here are some scenes from the recently concluded private sale. I heard that this happens only once a year. The best part is, they don't sell phased-out stocks - they sell surplus stocks. The stuff I saw during the sale were still selling in their Rustan's store.

This got my heart rate up

Makeup at 70% off!

Eyeshadows for only P300-350, blushes for P600+

Foundations (with cases included) were only P800+. These are normally P2k+

More silky, gorgeous eyeshadows


Nail colors

I hope more upscale makeup brands hold sales like this. And I hope they invite me, lol!