I feel like I am under siege today. The rest of Luzon too. I've been offline since 11pm last night, when the power went off as strong winds and rain buffeted my place. I thought the blackout was only going to be like an hour or so, like these things usually go, but no, it's 7PM right now and there's still no electricity.

I decided not to go to the Ortigas office today, expecting the blackout to end any time soon. Well, wrong. I ended up reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne most of the day.


I'm currently shacked up in McKinley Hill for the internets. To anyone who's interested, Sol Gelato not only has free webz, they also have sugar-free ice cream. Nontheless, can this please end soon.

PS I usually don't like to rant, but this day has been a phenomenal waste. Might as well make something out of it, however trivial. How did your last 24 hours go?