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I feel frazzled and overwhelmed these days. I'm finding it hard to focus. I downloaded this new app for my Macbook called Omm Writer, which is a basic text processor that has a peaceful and beautiful background, with built-in soothing music to help me focus and think on whatever it is I'm writing. Watch the video to see what I mean:

Yesterday I went to two events. I immensely enjoyed both of them, but the rain and my four-inch heels (which are actually comfortable - up to a point!) really wiped me out. I was so exhausted when I got home. I should make it a point to go to a max of two events per week. But I don't know, I can't help it. I love seeing beautiful things!

IMG_1511 by project_vanity.

Pumps are back on track! The killer red ones are on the feet of Divine Lee. The silver ones are from my personal icon, Bianca Valerio. This photo was taken from the launch of the Ponds x Plaints & Prints Collection at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel. 

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Photo from Temptalia

I screeched in real life when I saw this on Temptalia's blog! Urban Decay's Fall 2010 Collection features this beautiful neutral palette. What's more, there are five new shades! I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay, so I hope to get my hands on this when I have extra cash to burn. It's $44 at the UD site.

IMG_1534 by project_vanity.

Soon to blog!

I am swimming in products right now. I have to be honest though, sometimes I'm worried that because of so much sponsorship this blog is enjoying as of the moment people might think that I'm losing my credibility. I hope that's not the case. I'd just like you guys to know that no one pays me to write what I write, and I can assure you, when they do, I'll tell you! 

This blog is still about sharing great finds and helping out women who want to be beautiful. Pang-beauty queen na sagot yan, but it's the truth. The free stuff simply means that I have more content to share in my blog and not that I blog just to get free products.

Contest alert! I invite you all to join. ^_^ We're giving away pretty tops to keep you looking posh and snug under the rain. While you're at it, please don't forget to join my Dr. Jart BB Cream giveaway. Should be fun!


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