The POC's Beauty and Fashion Channel is up!

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Remember when I was looking for writers? Well, this is what it was for! The Philippine Online Chronicles, a project by Vibal Foundation, is a news magazine for Filipinos. It covers all the relevant issues of today with intelligence and insight - from local news, politics, finance, sports, tech, showbiz, celebrity, society, health, and now, beauty and fashion!

I'm glad to be chosen as the editor of the Beauty and Fashion channel. It's hard work but I enjoy what I do. I only hope that the channel will reflect my passion for the niche. Helping me along are wonderful (and gorgeous) writers! KiraMaraLaurenTanyaAlexNikki, and Angela will be writing about all the things that make us beautiful, both inside and out.

Here are the articles that are already up. Of course, there will be more coming, so stay tuned! Put the link in your feeds. You'll never regret it.


Introductions are in order What are we about? What do we want to do for you? 

Top ten fashion firsts Where did the bikini come from? Who came up with the miniskirt?

Rajo Laurel's dress webbed in WWD The fashion community rejoices

Charlene Almarves wins first runner-up at Ford Supermodel of the World Another score!

Makeup you shouldn't live without It's time to check your stash! What did you miss?

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