I Am King by Sean John

My special someone is the type of guy who loves to be in control. He's extremely intelligent, focused, and passionate about his job, which is web design and development. He's always busy growing his start-up company and of course, I'm there with him every step of the way.

Around half a year ago he started dressing up to match his lifestyle. He likes great food, nice places, stylish clothes and smelling good. He's never actually ventured into designer perfumes before because he's not that vain (omg, you can't believe how much flack I get from him because of my vanity! But that's another story) so he's happy with department store deo sprays. 

Until I gave him this:

What can I say? I love I Am King on him. Guess what, I love it on me too! It's not a heavy musk that smells weird on women.

Once I spray it on, I am greeted by the top notes of the perfume - an unexpected tangy citrus (orange, cranberry, and Imperial French Berry). For the next 20 minutes to three hours the scent mellows down to the sweet, musky mid notes composed of key lime pie and lemon creme. The woody, powdery base notes (sandalwood, cedarwood, labdanum extract, white moss) stay on my skin for hours.

The scent is also available in shower gel form. If you're looking for a gift for your guy, whatever the occasion is, check I Am King by Sean John out! He'll love it. I know my guy does. It doesn't hurt that I can use it too, haha. 

I Am King by Sean John is available in Rustan's Department Stores for PHP 3,000 (50ml) and PHP 4,000 (100ml).

Liz Lanuzo6 Comments