Bet you didn't know!

Guess where these awesome sandals came from! Take a good guess (without checking my Twitter account).

They're from a brand I didn't know made shoes like this: Avon! Avon is best-known for makeup, skincare, and underwear - not really for shoes. They tend to make ones in very safe, sensible designs that I just can't relate with. I love shoes that are quirky and fun and if possible, purple!

You can see how this pair was love at first sight for me. They were just sitting there, on the shelf, in a sea of bags, other shoes, and accessories. As soon as I caught a glimpse of the bright purple I zoned in and saw these lovely sandals. They're from Avon's latest collection called Ode To Leaves

I like how the sole looks and feels sturdy while still being pliable. The straps and flower appliques come in soft leatherette which doesn't chafe. Best part? They're cheap! They're only P499 from Avon ladies, so better hurry up and check! Me, I can totally see myself wearing these all summer with white dresses as well as brightly printed ones for the contrast. 


Liz Lanuzo7 Comments