Clean & Clear BFF 8 Date

My mom is my best friend - that is, in a mother-daughter sort of way. I don't tell her everything about my life (I wonder how many daughters actually do) but she manages to know me better than everyone else. I'd like to think that's a two way thing!

So when Clean & Clear contacted me about having a date with my BFF at the Mall of Asia, I immediately asked my mom to go. MOA is our favorite mall, and we haven't really hung out by ourselves for some time. Off we went!

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We were asked to do eight fashion/beauty-themed things and use the Clean & Clear BFF 8 Date app on Facebook to document our adventures. We didn't get too creative as my mom was fashionably late for the start of the event (two hours, lol) so I thought that we should just chill and do the things that we usually do when we hang out. And they are:

1. Visiting our favorite personal care store, Watsons. This is always, always our first stop when we go to the mall.

2. Taking outfit photos. Yay! 

3. Me giving her fashion advice. My mom's fashion sense is very practical, so it's my mission to inject some fun and trendiness in her fashion choices.

4. Indulging in cheap lipstick. My mom and I don't have that many things in common when it comes to makeup, but there is one thing - our love for great lipstick!

5. We also got matching pearl jewelry, just because. I got costume jewelry, a statement necklace with outrageous braided pearls. She got simple pearl earrings.

6. Sharing tip n' tricks in our favorite bathroom in MOA, the one inside the Prestige Lounge. This is usually the time when I make usi about her latest perfume or powder. 

7. Dawdling over the latest bags. My mom likes bags a lot, something I don't understand!

8. Marveling about how much we look alike! I'm a carbon copy of my mom when she was my age. So I always keep myself updated about her latest wrinkles and other skin problems now that she's 52! For early prevention, you know! Hahahahaha.

It was a blast! My mom and I enjoyed the event. If you also want to document your own BFF 8 date (and win cool prizes along the way!) log on to Clean & Clear's Facebook Page. Here are the mechanics:

You can join the BFF 8 Date by following the steps below:

1. Like” CLEAN & CLEAR® Philippines on Facebook

2. Click on the BFF 8 Date tab

3. With your BFF, register your details, choose your category, and design your scrapbook

4. Go on your BFF 8 Date adventure!

5. Upload your photos into your scrapbook

6. Get friends to vote for you!

For more info, you can inquire on the C & C Facebook page. Good luck to those who will join!