Kotex WOW launch: Why only white?

I've already raved about the Kotex Luxe Ultrathin pads when they came out last March. I never bought from any other brand since then! I just love they absorb extremely well without compromising comfort. This time around, the Kotex Luxe pads have gotten an upgrade: you can get them now in fun, flirty, and pretty prints. This is Kotex's answer to the question - "why only white?"

There are six different prints available, three each falling into two categories: Indie Chic and Girl-Next-Door. The one you see here is an Indie Chic design which is quite intricate and a bit artsy. If you're concerned about the ink getting to your privates, well, the concern is unfounded. The dye is applied on the other side of the cotton and it doesn't spread when it gets wet. I know, I tore it open.

Anyway, enough about the product! Let's move on to the special launch that Kotex prepared exclusively for bloggers. A lot of my favorite people were there so I really enjoyed the event held in Bizu, Glorietta 2. Of course, a great event is not complete without pictures.

Nakiki-style blogger! Haha. Photo from Lloyda

Sasha's "kissed" design, Shen's totally kikay work, and Teeyah in her Mango blouse (!)

Alex's artista picture

One of my fave bloggers, Lloyda, with Melai

Me awkwardly posing with the awesome Bestie

Loved Verne's Mango shoes and Aranaz bag! So young yet so chica.

I won a P500 Sodexho gift certificate for this design lol

I stole everyone's pens so I can come up with this hrhr. Kidding.

The cozy, stylish interiors of Bizu served as the perfect backdrop for the get-together

Only fools fight this

All together now! Photo from Lloyda

Great food, great company, great product. Until next time!