Glambox Mink Lashes review and photos

I am born with stick-straight pudgy lashes. It sucks because my brother was born with curly, thick lashes that no decent boy should have had! When we were kids all my parents' friends and visitors would compliment his lashes! Huff. Oh well. Even though I'm not happy with the lashes I have, I'm not obsessed about them at all. I don't use lash enhancing products and services unless you count mascara - I'm much too lazy for anything else.

Bare lashes

So I wasn't that psyched when I received the Glambox Mink Lashes for review. I seriously can't afford to put extra time in my usual routine, plus I have really short patience for "matrabaho" procedures when it comes to beauty. But hey, I might as well try these falsies right? Always be adventurous when it comes to beauty, I say.

So how did I find the Glambox Mink Lashes? One word: transformative! I loved how it looked on me. Read on for my detailed review!

What I love about the product

  • It's made of 100% genuine mink hair. No animal cruelty involved is the claim.
  • Hypoallergenic. There are lots of cheap plastic lashes out there, but when it comes to putting stuff at or near my eye, I don't want to leave it to random testing. I didn't suffer any allergies or redness from these mink lashes.
  • The result is very natural because the hairs and weaving were fine. These aren't tranny lashes here, thank you very much.
  • Comes with a tube of glue

What I don't like about the product

  • Laborious! It took me 20 minutes to put them on. In fairness, it was my first time, so I guess it gets easier and quicker with practice.
  • The lashes were a bit long for my eyes. I should have cut them, but I didn't want to risk it until I've worn them.
  • Expensive at P1,500. In an era of P50 fake lashes, this is the epitome of luxury. I don't know what the prices for lashes are in the market, but paying P1,500 for something you'll be using for only 15-20 times is just, well, precious.
  • I had difficulty removing the sticky glue. I put makeup remover (as suggested) and washed it off, but the sticky glue stuck on. I eventually removed the glue traces after a couple of days. Any tips to take the glue off easier?

Tools of the trade. The toothpick is for pushing in the fine edges of the falsies to my natural lash line.

I applied a thin layer of glue to the base

After 20 minutes of tugging and pulling, voila! Celebrity lashes!

Sorry of the left eye isn't even. Like I said, it was my first time!



If you're going to a special event, these are the lashes to use. You'll definitely look prettier because falsies make your eyes look wider and more almond-shaped (which is the ideal). Glambox Mink Lashes are quite pricey and I am sure there are other alternatives, but if you're a professional makeup artist, I think this is a good investment. Use only the best for your clients, right?


I love how these lashes look on me, but I won't be using these often. I wear glasses so it's really uncomfortable for me to bat va-voom falsies! But if I have something nice to go to, I'm going to put these on - after I've bought contact lenses. These lashes would be a sad thing to waste because they transform my whole face.