Sneak preview of what's dropping at Anthology

Anthology is famous for its ultra-cool and classic flat shoes that are designed for comfort. The materials used are of high-quality, which explains the prices starting from P2,000 to P4,000. I have the impression that Anthology shoes have achieved a cult following among Manila's fashion set because of their enduring designs and the feel of the shoes. If you have to buy an "investment" pair of flats, Anthology should be at the top of your list.

Here are some popular designs:

Shanghai, P2795

Tokyo, P4,395

London brogues, P3,995

Sydney, P1,995 

But I'm sure you've seen these all before! I mentioned that Anthology is famous for their flats, so it's really surprising (and exciting) of them to come out with - wait for it - heels.

I met Karrots Nazareno, Marketing Director of Anthology, in the SM Fashion Forum event last Monday and this is what she's wearing:

I didn't get a good angle of the shoes to show you, but I love Anthology's version of this season's utilitarian wedge booties in dove gray suede. These are prototypes.

pic from Karrots

These shoes are definitely something to look forward to, Anthology fans! (I'm looking at you Phoebe, haha).