Shiny Pretty Things

I love shiny pretty things. It’s irrational, really. I see something shiny, I ooh! I see something pretty, I ahh! It’s a major weakness. Which is why when I visited a shop a couple of weeks ago and saw some materials, I made these. I just couldn’t bear leaving them without making something out of them, you know?

Gorgeous right? My personal favorite is the brown beaded one with bronze appliques. My second favorite is the rose bracelet. I imagine wearing them with a plain dress to add a bright pop of color.

The sequined bracelets will look great with party outfits - they’re catchy and glam. I’m thinking exaggerated heels to go with them too!

I made these for myself, actually, but I’m thinking maybe I can sell them too. How much do you think is a fair price? Would you buy one of these?