FOTD: Purple Smoky Eyes

You can not believe how busy I’ve been lately. This morning, while I was thinking of quotable quotes to post on my Twitter and brushing my teeth at the same time, I accidentally sprayed toothpaste on my eye. However, I’m in a good mood because things are looking up. It could all be artificial though because I had my hyper juice this morning.


Aaaanyway, enough rambling. On to business! Here’s a tutorial of how I do my favorite smoky eye. Purple and gray together is just pure love. This is the eyeshadow combo I wear when I want to impress. The camera kind of faded out the colors I used but they’re really more vibrant in person.

I used my Smashbox Eye Wish Palette for this look. Refer to this picture for the corresponding colors I used. Don’t forget to use a primer!

Step 1: Use your favorite purply eyeshadow (I used #11) to shade your lower lid. Remember not to go over the crease. Pat the eyeshadow gently instead of brushing or swiping it in - you want it to be as pigmented as possible.
Step 2: Pick up a dark gray color (something like #8) and shade your crease/ above the lid. Start from the outer edge of your eye and move in to cover a smaller area. Evenly blend it with your brush in a windshield wiper motion.
Step 3: Get a small crease brush with a rounded dome. With a black/ dark gray eyeshadow, draw a “V” on the outer corner of your eye going up to the crease. You may blend it out, but since the color is in the same family as the crease color, there’s no need. It’s just there for definition and depth - to give your Asian eyes the illusion of deep-set eyes.
Step 4: Use a satiny beige color (I mixed #1 and #3) to highlight your brow bone. Blend it with the edges of your crease color with a windshield wiper motion to erase harsh lines. 
Step 5: This is the last step in my routine - with a black or purply black gel eyeliner (I used #16), line your upper and lower lids close to the lash line.

Well, there ought to be a step six which is - DON’T FORGET the mascara! Smoky eyes look off without mascara. I forgot to use one before I took these pictures, but I think you get the idea.

Voila! I used the Clinique Superfit liquid foundation set with Clinique Perfectly Real powder foundation, Shu Uemura Glow on in Amber and The Balm Pumping Lip Gloss is Rootbeer Float (it’s a transparent nude).

Must-try look!