How to get invited to events

Hi! Im Justine and I read your blogs almost every day as soon as I sat down at my office cubicle. Hehe.I will just ask as to how you join those beauty events like Clinique or Kerastese launch? Is it only for bloggers or anybody can attend that? I currently dont have a blog but Im interested to those kind of events. Not to mention the freebies you can get. hehe. I would love to join also. Btw, you got nice freebies from Clinique!Thanks for your posts, so informative! Hoping for your reply! God Bless!

Hi Justine. That’s a pretty good question. :)

Well…most of the events are exclusive only to media people (newspaper, TV, magazine, bloggers). Blogging is just another form of media that companies are beginning to use as a tool to market and advertise their products. Only the more popular bloggers in their niche are usually invited. Popular, meaning, people with very relevant content, a solid network of bloggers and readers, and good traffic.

Unfortunately these things don’t come easily. For example, I worked for a year to get this far and I believe that I’m only starting to be recognized. A person can’t just start a, say, tech, food, or beauty blog and then expect to be invited to places ASAP. The person would first have to know and be known by the popular bloggers, and then eventually get noticed by PR firms who handles the events. It’s a slow process, and not an exact one, to boot. There are a lot of factors you have to cover if you want to be a relatively well-known blogger, at least in the niche and community you belong in.

Just my advice: I don’t think you’ll make it if you’re just after the freebies. You have to love what you blog about, because passion is something that people always notice. You have to know about the trends and patterns of your subject matter. You have to love sharing what you know to other people. If you do these things well enough, and long enough, you’ll be on your way to being an established blogger.

PS Some purists may ask, why should bloggers attend PR events? Aren’t they just being used by these companies in their marketing gimiks? The answer to the latter is yes. However, it’s not a one-sided deal.

For example, I blog about makeup and fashion. I don’t attend events because I want free stuff—I go because I want to know what’s up in the industry I love. I get to experience products without having to rip my pocket out buying them, and I get to share my impressions with you. In turn, you get feedback on a product—valuable information—which you can use to decide in purchasing it or not. In other words, it’s a win-win situation for everyone: companies, bloggers, and readers.

Hope this helps!