Review: Clinique High Impact Mascara

Hey guys, what’s up? I know it’s been a long time since I’ve been around these parts. I’ve just been busy with life in general. Quite busy, would you believe. Anyway, today I’m going to tell you about this great product I got from Clinique. It’s been my go-to mascara lately because:

  • It applies cleanly. No clumps, no need to comb the lashes to separate.
  • The effect is very natural.
  • Doesn’t smudge on me
  • Washes off easily.

However, this still isn’t my favorite mascara. My heart still goes to my Avon Astonishing Lengths Mascara because it really makes my lashes look dramatic and super sexy. With this Clinique mascara, on the other hand, you DON’T get what’s promised—high-impact lashes—no matter how many coats you apply. So if you’re the sort of person who likes clean and pretty lashes that aren’t too obviously made up, this mascara is for you.


Hence, this is my everyday mascara as I don’t want my lashes to look overdone. I mean, seriously, I just need something to look good at work but not appear too made up. I recommend you use this if you want to look professional and/or natural. Here’s how it looks like applied (two coats):

So, what’s your favorite mascara and why?