SMiLDS: The newest e-commerce platform lands in the Philippines

Having my own online store can be quite taxing, believe me. When I started out with Lauren I thought that it wouldn't be too hard since I've been shopping online for some time now, and thus have experience. It was not too long until I found out that managing an online store could be a nightmare - supplying, taking care of the logistics, demanding customers - the list is endless! We have a shopping cart store though so it's a little easier.

It's for sellers like me that Platform2U made their advanced e-commerce platform called SMilDS. It's a comprehensive online shopping system that provides you with a user-friendly CMS (Content Management System), allowing you to upload content, customize your store's design, organize orders, basically manage your website. It also provides logistics solutions in terms of payments and shipping - your buyers can pay you through credit cards and other mainstream means, and SMilDS is affiliated with the major shipping companies as well. It has customer support that monitors your sales too.

The starter kit with the manual and CD. SMilDS also provides their own debit card for customers! 

SMilDS is perfect for people who already have a business, want to take it online, but have no idea where to start and how to do it right. It's also for online shop owners who want to have a more streamlined, professional system by which to conduct their business.

I don't want to give you guys information overload, so you can download the information kit here. It has everything you need to know. If you have further questions, please contact their office at +632-886 6190. Follow their Twitter too! They'll be glad to answer any inquiries you may have about the product.

Oh, couple of pics from the media launch at the Hotel Intercontinental last Tuesday!