Concealer Madness Ep.3: Ellana Mineral Stick Concealer

Let's cut to the chase: I don't like the the Ellana Mineral Stick Concealer in Alive. The coverage is unbearably light, not quite buildable, and the texture is closer to a balm than a cream. It doesn't dry quickly (if at all), so you need to set it with powder or else it will slide off.

What else don't I like? The packaging IS cheap - they didn't even bother to put the sticker on properly! There's smaller text in the sticker but you won't be able to read it since the text is too faint. I guess you get what you pay for, since it's only P250.

5 grams in the tube! Quite a lot of product.

It does have some merits, however. It's nice to use as an undereye concealer since it doesn't set into fine lines and looks natural. Don't expect a lot of coverage though! Ellana suggests using their powder concealers to set this and add coverage, but I don't know if you want to take that extra step.

This concealer has tea tree oil and you can smell it. I personally don't mind. In fact, I like that it has anti-blemish and anti-pimple properties aside from it being healthy for the skin. It's pure mineral makeup so that's a huge plus.

Anyway, here's a demo of how it is for eyebag use. Click click.

Let me introduce you to my horrible eyebags! Ta-dah!

This is the thickest it goes on. Take note that I swiped it several times already.

Blended in. I used my ring finger to pat it gently. It looks natural, eh? It gives just enough coverage for me. I don't like reverse racoon eyes.


My advice: don't get this if you need a concealer to actually conceal. This is perfect if you just want to lighten your eyebags a bit. It's also nice to use during bad skin days, to help clear up pimples, dryness, dullness, and uneven tone. There are only two shades - Alive, a neutral golden beige, and Refresh, a neutral salmon.

Will I buy this again? No. It has good points, but it doesn't merit the P250 tag, however cheap. I'm a fan of most Ellana products, but this one is a fail to me.


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Liz Lanuzo11 Comments