10 Men on makeup: What do guys REALLY think about it?

Makeup has become more diversified in terms of who uses it these days – from male makeup gurus popping up with their amazing tutorials and fierce looks, K-Pop groups getting us interested in how Korean men do their makeup, and recently, cosmetics giant Covergirl taking on James Charles as their newest Covergirl, err, boy! We’re loving how makeup has been breaking gender stereotypes but we got to wondering: what does the average guy think about all this? Do they think women (and men) are better off going au naturel?

Miko and Kevin

Miko and Kevin

Miko Amoncio, social lead

Makeup hides the truth! Kidding aside, I think makeup is amazing. Imagine, a little face paint can really go a long way in enhancing a person's look. If done incorrectly, it’s also amazing how early Halloween comes throughout the year.

I’ve heard stories of friends who would invite a girl to a swimming date, just to see how they look without makeup but I personally don’t think much of it. If it makes women feel better to enhance or hide certain features, it’s up to them. I’ve always believed less is more though so, please don’t make a mural out of your face and save over the top looks for photo shoots. As for men who wear makeup, I've always believed in "live and let live”. It’s all a matter of preference.

Kevin Calderon, art director

I think [makeup is] great! I can definitely appreciate women who can pull it off. I also find it fascinating how intricate and vast the realm of makeup is – from the tools down to the different looks. My girlfriend is currently obsessed with it, and I find it cute when she raves about it. I often compare it to my personal addiction to calligraphy – you’ll never know how much you love it until you try it!

My strongest opinion: No woman should have to justify putting makeup to any man, period.  I encourage women to use makeup whenever they feel like it. Some girls look great with makeup, some don't. On a personal note, I've always felt attracted to anyone who can make it look natural. So wear makeup or don’t wear makeup – whatever makes you happy!

I haven't yet met any guy who puts on makeup but I'm aware that it's becoming more of a common thing. I think it should be perfectly acceptable for men to use it as well!

Ryan and Arjo

Ryan and Arjo

Ryan Adalem, project officer

When applied in moderation and with skill, makeup highlights a woman’s most striking features. It’s a confidence booster when wielded with prudence. Women who wear makeup are no different from men who use gel, pomade, and wax on their hair: they are aesthetically attuned to themselves. The art of using makeup also entails a high level of skill, as it is equivalent to turning your face into a work of art. I actually admire women who can pull off the no-make-up look. I wish women would take the time to check if their makeup matches with their complexion though – foundation matching properly or if the lipstick matches their coloring – but that’s just me. I think the most important thing I wish women would do is to STOP CARING WHAT OTHER PEOPLE (like me) think about makeup. Just do you, girls!

Society in general still needs a lot of work in being more open-minded towards men's use of makeup. This is especially true for a country like the Philippines, which still has a very rigid set of gender roles. Men who wear makeup are only seen as acceptable if they are gay, actors/models, or being experimented on by their girlfriends/wives. I'm actually intrigued by how companies would pitch wearing makeup for men, and what products they’d promote.

Due to my limited knowledge of makeup, face powder is the only thing I wouldn't find weird for guys to use but I do think that women shouldn't be the only ones to wear makeup. Gender in fashion has become a lot more fluid nowadays so why not makeup? I WOULD wear makeup, but I think I need a whole lot of training using it first so I don't end up looking like a cartoon character. Applying makeup needs a lot of hand dexterity and that's just not one of my strong suits.

Arjo Mejilla, junior high school English teacher

Makeup is cool, like live-action Photoshop! Women who wear makeup are just like women who don't wear makeup. It really depends on how they use it. I think that makeup is for humans – both men and women have skin, and makeup is used on skin. Anyone who wants to wear makeup AND either has makeup readily available or has money to make makeup readily available should use it to their heart's content. As a theater performer, I have worn makeup before. It's a pretty casual thing; no big deal for me at all.

I wish women stopped relying on makeup to feel beautiful. Of course, this is not to generalize everyone, but there are those who feel utterly ugly without makeup. I think that's sad. I heard that good makeup is supposed to highlight features that are already there, not change them entirely. I wish more women would appreciate how perfect this friend's wings were drawn, or how on point that friend's bronzer is, or even just how beautiful this or that stranger is without makeup and without conforming to media standards of beauty. What's beautiful is a personal preference.

Marcel and Patrick

Marcel and Patrick

Marcel Villanueva, Erasmus Mundus scholar

Growing up with two sisters helped me understand “girl stuff” easier. Though my sisters only got into makeup recently, our mom has a good amount of it. I remember the first time I saw my Ate casually wearing makeup: I thought it was weird that she had makeup on [since I wasn’t used to seeing her wear makeup] but it looked good on her. I think it doesn’t really matter how others perceive someone wearing makeup. It all boils down to how wearing makeup empowers women and makes them feel better about themselves.  

I heard that in South Korea, makeup for men has become a trend. I think it’s cool because now men can also highlight their best features and hide their blemishes. And same as for women, it is about how makeup helps make the person more confident. There are different ways on how we can feel empowered, why can’t makeup be one?

Patrick Crespo, sales trader

Makeup isn't just the colorful pencils and powder I find in my girlfriend's bag. Not only does it hide imperfections, a girl’s set of makeup shows a lot about her personality. Having a specific color and shade of lipstick or eyeliner tells a woman’s story. It’s a way of expressing one’s self. It also amplifies a woman’s beauty as dictated by society. Although for me, I prefer the natural beauty of women – lightly applied or no makeup at all.

I wish women don’t overdo or overuse makeup. Some women pick the weirdest colors that would clash with their skin complexion. Also, I wish women practice putting makeup. Rather than boosting a woman's looks, it could totally go the other way when applied wrongly.

Men can also wear makeup – actors and TV hosts already wear it to adjust to the set lighting. To me, makeup for men would depend on the right shade and colors. I don’t see any problem with me wearing makeup, but I wouldn’t use anything unusual or neon in color.

Roro and Enrique

Roro and Enrique

Roro Quijano, graphic artist

Makeup is the paint and the face is the canvas. This is how some people express their creativity. I think women who wear makeup are patient because doing it on a daily basis seems so taxing! I’ve seen videos of women putting on a full face of makeup, and I wonder what time they wake up in the morning to be able to that!

I think women shouldn’t rely on using makeup all the time because I believe that everyone is beautiful regardless of how they look like. Men and women can do whatever they want because no one can dictate how another person should or shouldn’t do. People should stop thinking that “this is a girl’s thing” or “men can’t do that”. Honestly, we just need to get over outdated beliefs and just accept each other as unique and beautiful!

Enrique Estagle, senior writer

For lack of a better way of expressing it, makeup is a complementary tool to accentuate a person’s natural beauty, as well as conveniently conceal his/her “imperfections” (if he/she wishes to). I also think that it can be an amplifier of expression – especially in performing arts where makeup can make a person and his/her expressions become more visible.

Growing up with two women in the house, as well as always being in the company of numerous female friends and cousins, I’m used to women wearing makeup. If they want/need to wear makeup, that’s their choice. To be honest, I do sometimes wear makeup myself when I want to go back to my college goth days.

Don’t overdo makeup, if unnecessary. If the situation doesn’t call for too much makeup, don’t. Of course, it’s different if it’s a shoot or in theater or cosplay or something similar.

Francis and Derrick

Francis and Derrick

Francis Garrido, senior financial analyst

Makeup is a tool to enhance one's looks. It's an upgrade to get a desired look, that's why we call it make up and not make down, right? I think women who wear makeup just want to make themselves look the way they want to look. Some may use it because they have some insecurities with their physical looks, but some just really wants to be even more beautiful. There's nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day, these women have their own reasons why they use makeup.

I hope that women don't overdo makeup, by applying it in excess or putting on too much color. Sometimes women forget that they're beautiful in their own way. And also, I hope they don't take so long applying them.

If some guys want to wear makeup, then let them be. It’s basically their right to do whatever they want with their bodies. As for me, I think I'd wear makeup if need be, like for a stage performance or something similar to that. But wearing makeup on a normal day? Nah. I'd pass. It's unnecessary for me since I'm pretty much okay with how I look. I think it's a bit hassle and it will take too much time. I guess, just fresh-from-shower look works for me.

Derrick Ching, senior account manager

I don’t believe that makeup is something to make a person beautiful – rather, it complements and further enhances one’s looks.

Women who wear makeup are those who want to stand out even more in a sea of faces. I think they’re the ones who would want to differentiate themselves from other women, and that the way they wear makeup reflects their own personality. To me, however, women should not over apply it. The right amount of makeup would do. The subtler it is, the better, since when I see them, I actually see their face rather than the amount of makeup they’ve applied.

Just like women, men can wear makeup if they wish to do so. People might say that it goes against societal norms and that makeup should only be for women, but then, it’s a free world – if you want to wear makeup, regardless of your gender, then by all means do so!

If you’re a PV male reader, what are your thoughts on makeup? Do you think makeup should only be for women? Let us know in the comments below!