Neat Feat Products Ltd is a New Zealand based company founded in 1993 specializing in a unique range of toiletries that mainly deal with sweat and perspiration issues. 

Neat Feat products are currently used by New Zealand sporting teams, the New Zealand Armed Forces and individual sporting athletes.  Neat Feat products are sold in 17 different countries including Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and India.


Vivianne Femme is a professional makeup brush line created by Japanese brand BISYODO. Founded in 1945, BISYODO combines both the qualities of traditional Japanese brush making techniques and modern European hair refinement technology to create unique, high-quality synthetic animal hair makeup brushes. 

The Riot girl knows she doesn’t need to spend a lot to be beautiful. Founded in 2016, Riot is a local makeup tools brand specializing in latex-free sponges and brush cleaners. You’ll love its ultra soft sponge that, when damp, applies even the hardest-to-blend foundations like a dream.