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Have you been under the sun lately? IT'S CRAZY. I'm trying to remember if it has ever been this hot before, but I can't recall anything in particular. Wearing sunblock, shades, or an umbrella is no help at all because the heat burns as long as you're outside. I just try not to go out at all.

But sadly that's not an option. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Last Saturday, I went out to host Project Vanity's second Clinique Party after holing up in the condo all Friday working. Needless to say, the Clinique Party was a blast! A lot of girls turned up and they seemed happy with their au naturel makeovers. Hay, I have to say, I really enjoy what I do.

Anyhoo, here's what I wore that day:

I used a bunch of new products in this look, mostly from Majolica Majorca's newest collection called Sugary Trap.

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Ferretti espadrilles

So, remember those Ferretti clogs that I was yapping about last Saturday? I visited the store yesterday to get them - I was dead set - but then practicality kicked in. I just got a pair of oxford heels (which I haven't even gotten to wear yet!) and I already have a pair of clogs. They're a bit redundant for my shoe collection, so I decided to buy something I don't have yet - espadrilles.

They're perfect for summer and utterly comfortable on my feet. They're versatile enough to be worn with most outfits, but they're not that plain. I ask you this: why wear flip flops when you can wear espadrilles? ;)

I bought it for only P899. I have been abusing my old Ferretti wedges since I got them last October, so I can vouch for their comfort and quality.

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New kicks from Charles & Keith

Here we go again! I visit Charles & Keith in BHS once in a while, you know, just to see what's up. There have been a lot of pretty shoes throughout the last few months, but I've been able to resist so far. Not this time, obviously. I can't let this pair go!

I've actually been vacillating between three pairs: white snakeskin platform pumps, camel pumps with gold chain, and this one. In the end I picked this pair because it's extremely comfortable. The footbed is sort of cushioned plus the heels are not that high. I think they're three inches, minus the half inch platform. Very walkable.

I haven't had the occasion to wear them yet, but I'm thinking these go best with the sexy secretary look.

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Charles & Keith loafers

I got these shoes more than two weeks ago but I only remembered to post them now. Anyway! I love these shoes because they're super comfortable. I've been wearing them quite often lately since I'm mostly running errands these days. They're perfect with jeans and shorts for that carefree, preppy look. I'd say they're a nice masculine finishing touch to any outfit.

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Brandy Boots from Gold Dot

I just saw Kookie Buhain blog about these boots. Want so bad! Major shoe lust here! Whoever is handling Gold Dot is doing a fantastic job. I remember seeing Bestie tote a Gold Dot envelope bag once that also got me drooling.

Gold Dot - BRANDY BOOTS - Photo #2 of 10

I see them with socks, pleated skirts, loose shirts, polos - all in autumn colors. Now I know that the clogs trend has been rehashed to death, but I like this particular combination of laced boots and gold studs over a leather lining. These shoes have a tough look about them, but not so tough as to lose that element of femininity.  

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New kicks: Ichigo laced flats

Are these brogues? Oxfords? I am not entirely sure, so to be safe I'll just call them "laced flats". Lol. I was at The Ramp in Glorietta the other day and couldn't resist the lovely muted pink color of these shoes. If you haven't noticed yet, I love pinks - light pinks, specifically. These Ichigo shoes are just the perfect shade of pink in my book.

Love the box!

They're originally P900 something, but since Ichigo had a 40% off on some designs, I got them for only a little over P500! How awesome is that?

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New kicks from SM Parisian

If it's not obvious yet - I'm on a terrible shoe phase! All I ever seem to want to buy are shoes! I'm sure I'll snap out of it soon enough. I mean, I only have one set of feet after all!

Now, in case you missed the memo, SM Parisian now has awesometastic shoes. They're fashionable, of good quality, and priced nicely! They're too good to be true, if you ask me. I can't wait for the next collection that SM Parisian will be releasing. As for now, these laced tan booties are my favorites out of the lovely bunch. They're only P1,300!

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New kicks from Charles & Keith

I love Charles & Keith! The brand's current selections are seriously amazing. They have a lot of neat office wear but it's balanced with edgy pieces closely patterned after the season's hottest shoes. The shoes are on the pricey side, but still quite affordable considering the quality and comfort you get out of every pair.

Anyway, following my last conservative C&K purchase, I got a daring one for a change. I was at High Street yesterday and couldn't resist these P2,700 beauties.

The needle-thin heels may look quite daunting, but the wide platform makes these shoes stable and comfortable. I was so surprised the first time I tried them on.

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New kicks

There is nothing better than cheap, nice shoes in this world. Okay I'm just kidding, there are a lot of better things. But you have to admit, a P600 pair of edgy heels can make anyone's heart skip a beat!

I found these at So Fab in Glorietta 5. They also had other interesting heels on sale for only P600. Such a great deal.

organic cotton cardigan from Zara/ old rose blouse from Ukay Manila/ Folded & Hung shorts/ So Fab shoes


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Ferretti Shoes

A couple of weeks ago I visited Ferretti Shoes in Glorietta 5. I have passed by the store many times before, but I've never entered because the name "Ferretti" already sounds expensive. I also got the impression that their shoes are for mature women who work in the office - totally not my style since I prefer trendier footwear!

Boy was I wrong. Ferretti had shoes for different styles - for the yuppie who needs versatile and comfortable office shoes for commuting, for the older woman who needs something for a semi formal to formal party, for the ultra-casual urbanite, for the trend-setter who likes edgy shoes - there's something for these people in Ferretti. The brand has teetering heels, sophisticated flats, wedges, and even those canvas espadrilles we see everywhere now. It also has handmade bags and clutches.

Best part? The shoes are not expensive at all! The most expensive pair I saw in the store cost only P1,500. Flats and wedges range from P800 to P1,000. That's pretty good considering the fact that the shoes look sturdy and feel really comfy.

Ms. Cecille, the super nice owner of Ferretti, let me pick three shoes to take home, and these are what I got!

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Sneak preview of what's dropping at Anthology

Anthology is famous for its ultra-cool and classic flat shoes that are designed for comfort. The materials used are of high-quality, which explains the prices starting from P2,000 to P4,000. I have the impression that Anthology shoes have achieved a cult following among Manila's fashion set because of their enduring designs and the feel of the shoes. If you have to buy an "investment" pair of flats, Anthology should be at the top of your list.

Here are some popular designs:

Shanghai, P2795

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Jeffrey Campbell Shoes in the Philippines

The iconic and wildly popular shoe brand, Jeffrey Campbell, has been here in the Philippines for some months already. SM Makati has been carrying the brand in their upscale shopping section called Fashion Forum. But why no buzz? See for yourself:

The whole selection of JC shoes available in Manila

The shoes aren't ugly - in fact, they're quite beautiful, just the thing you need for casual wear. But Jeffrey Campbell is famous for its edgy, aggressive statement heels, not for its conservative selections.

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Mostly wasted

I just got back from the far-off northern lands of Eastwood and QC. My morning started early as I rushed off to Eastwood for a meeting on a new project, then whisked off to Mr Kebab with Lauren and her pogi boyfriend Marco to have lunch. It was my first time there and wow! I want to take home the yogurt sauce! I would go more often if it weren't from the far-off nothern lands of QC.

Then we went to a shoe supplier (!!!) to meet the owner and check out the rest of her merchandise. We are so excited to launch shoes on Ukay Manila. We're going crazy racking our heads for a great name for a sub-brand. What do you think? 

Anyway I am wearing shoes we got from our supplier. Unfortunately this design is not included in the collection since it's not in keeping with the theme. Wah I'm talking too much.

Polo from Ukay Manila/ Necklace from Girl Shoppe/ Jeggings from F21/ Shoes from Ukay Manila (to be available soon)

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POSH Pocket Shoes

Whenever I go out I run through all the places I have to go, at what time I need to be there, plus the things I have to bring. Then I wear shoes accordingly. If I'm going to the office, I need to hurry and bring my laptop so I wear flats. If I'm going to an event, I need to look glammed up and tall, so I pick heels! But wouldn't it be nice if you can wear both flats and heels whenever and wherever you want to?

That's the dream that POSH Pocket Shoes set out to realize.

POSH Pocket Shoes are exactly what they say they are - posh shoes in a pocket! It's the size of an average kikay kit or makeup bag and could fit comfortably into shoulder and hand bags. The shoes conveniently fold halfway, fitting in a black, zip-up purse which can be converted into a bag for your heels. Ingenious eh? Now you can just take off your heels anytime you feel uncomfortable since POSH shoes are lightweight, small, and thus easy to bring.

The shoes themselves are extremely comfortable. The soles are very cushy while the inside of the shoe is lined with what feels to be soft, faux suede.

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New kicks from Charles & Keith

I snagged these mary jane platforms from Charles & Keith as soon as I saw them. No second thoughts and no wringing of hands, which is what I usually do when I buy shoes. When I go shoe shopping I first sweep the whole mall to see everything and then decide afterwards. Is the shoe the right color? The right height? Does it have a unique yet versatile style? Is it comfortable? These are my usual considerations when buying a pair.

I think these shoes fit the bill perfectly. The arch of the heel is very low, at less than an inch, which means that they're super comfy. The height of the wooden heel itself is 3.5 inches. So I've got an extra height boost - without having to walk it.

I love the muted taupe shade; I can see it working with different clothing styles and colors. The faux snake-skin details and stitching also adds a lot of character to an otherwise typical pair of mary janes.

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My Nine West shoes and a contest

This is perhaps my bestest ever purchase ever! Yesterday I went to Robinson's Starmills in Pampanga on a shopping tour. Did you know that there's a lot of outlet stores in that mall which sell really cheap branded stuff? There are tons of amazing finds in that place (magic words: Mango Outlet)! But I'm getting ahead of myself. I will write about the trip in more detail soon.

I originally didn't intend to buy because I didn't need anything as of the moment - I'm stocked! But when I saw these shoes at a crazy cheap price, I just have to have them. They're not elaborate or wildly trendy at the moment, but I love the classic simplicity plus the fact that they make my feet look sexy. These are shoes I can wear forever with anything!

Gratuitous shoe photos shall follow lol.

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Saturday shopping spree

In this post I pledge to not buy anything kikay-related (except for toiletries and random thrifted pieces) for the rest of July. I've been spending waaay too much lately for things that I don't really need. I'd like to think of myself as a thrifty person, so the rate I've been spending this past month is already scaring me. Besides, I need to save up for two things: the Clinique Moisture Surge and the new Urban Decay Naked palette! Priorities, priorities.

Have you guys been to the Zara sale? The prices are batshit insane! Most of the stuff on the store were either 50% or 70% off. I visited the branch in Glorietta and couldn't help but buy this ultra-soft Trafaluc long cardigan and pink tiered skirt.

The devil is in the details

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My pink Sebago Docksides

IMG_1184 by project_vanity.

I liked the silver and blue, but pink is still my favorite color! I ended up snagging these dark pink Sebago Docksides because I figured it will go with more outfits and look less dirty over time. See there, that's me being practical. I want to be able to wear these for as long as possible!

IMG_1040 by project_vanity.

IMG_1045 by project_vanity.

I've been using these boating shoes for a week so much I'm actually even wearing it right now. The insides are lined with super soft leather. I love how the shoes hug my feet and feel light even with the thick rubber sole. They're made for walking - in style, of course!

IMG_1051 by project_vanity.

Anyway, as promised, here are a few outfits that I came up with these shoes!


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My search for the perfect Sebago Docksides

I have never heard of Sebago shoes until the uber stylish Rosanna (of Little Miss Dress Up) blogged about it. Who knew that boating shoes could look so chic! Sebago has been around since 1946, first selling hand-sewn penny loafers, then moving onto authentic boating shoes for the enthusiasts of the sport. 

IMG_0984 by project_vanity.

Think it's not for you? Think again. Boating shoes have now become a fashion staple under the dressy preppy category - the actual nautical shenanigans aside. Sebago happens to have the icon in that style department since the 1970's called the Docksides.

IMG_0971 by project_vanity.

Since their very first time out of the shoebox and onto a boat, Docksides have been beloved by sailors everywhere. Appreciated for their handsewn genuine moc construction that wraps the foot in a single piece of form-fitting leather, delivering seamless comfort and hardwearing durability. As well as for their slip-resistant, non-marking rubber soles that offer sure-footed security, the functional rawhide laces, and their non-corrosive brass eyelets that help them look as good as they wear.

IMG_0955 by project_vanity.

The iconic Docksides will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The kind folks from Sebago asked me to pick my very own! I was very delighted, to say the least. I fancy my personal style to be on the preppy spectrum when I dress casually which is why the Docksides are right up my fashion alley.

IMG_0968 by project_vanity.

I initially wanted to get the two-toned silver ones, like Rosanna's, but I generally don't like knowing I have the same shoes as someone I know (not know as in know, if you get my drift!). Just a quirk, but there it is. These silver shoes are irresistible though!

IMG_0975 by project_vanity.

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New kicks

I got bored with my current shoe collection - which is not much to begin with - so I decided to get new pairs. Since I had some Gcash credits to spare, I decided to look in an eBay store I've been following for sometime now: teamchi.

IMG_0619 by project_vanity.

I love that she has trendy, edgy shoes that are nicely made for under P800. The tan mary jane boots are only P750 while the gray studded peeptoes are only P650. How cool is that? I only spent P1,400!

IMG_0617 by project_vanity.

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