Contouring is sooo easy with the W-Lab 3D Face Shading Stick

Where have cream contour sticks been all my life? They're so easy to shade my face with! I just draw four lines on my face, blend it with a wet sponge or buffing brush, and I am finished in less than three minutes. My first contour stick experience was a very recent one so forgive me if I sound too enthusiastic haha.

I got to the W-Lab 3D Face Shading Stick from Althea (P600) a few weeks ago and it's been part of my contour routine since. It's a creamy, warm brown semi-matte color that blends perfectly on my skin tone. At first I thought it would look orange on me but it renders naturally! It's a dream to blend too as it doesn't leave any streaks. I just pat and it melts on my skin with barely any effort.

Staying power is fairly good at 4-5 hours. I apply it on top of my fully foundation-ed face then set it with a translucent powder to extend its wear time.

The catch? The 3D Face Shading Stick is not fully matte by itself, so if you have bumpy or depressed scars, it might highlight those skin concerns. If you're not careful you might also erase your concealer/foundation work! The solution to both issues are simple though: avoid pushing the stick too hard onto your skin. Patting it instead of drawing straight lines would help. Then, set the cream contour with a thin layer of translucent powder to give the it a matte finish. 

Overall, I highly recommend the W-Lab 3D Face Shading Stick if you're looking for an affordable contour stick. It's subtle and natural-looking, plus it's sooooo easy to blend and has such a smooth texture. There's no reason to have a weird, overly contoured face with products like this! It looks great in daylight and in photos. ^_^ 

If you're oily though, you might want to go for a powder contour just to be sure that it stays on all day.  

Let me know what you think as always! Have you tried cream contour sticks before? Am I super late in the game?