FYI: Ten things that are drying out your skin without you knowing

This story is brought to you by Jergens.

Do you do right by your skin but find that it's still so, so dry? Did your fave body lotion use to work until suddenly, it stopped doing anything? Healing and avoiding dry skin is more than just vanity. It's uncomfortable when our skin is flaky and tight (or sometimes even itchy) that it affects our quality of life. So how do you keep your skin from deteriorating to an abnormal dry state? Well, here are a few things in your routine and environment that might be causing the dryness!

Using products with too much alcohol. Alcohol as an ingredient is not always inherently bad for your skin, but using it regularly and in high concentrations can lead to dryness and irritation. Make sure to choose formulas with emollients (like aloe vera, shea butter, oils, etc.) that will help offset the effects of alcohol! 

Airconditioners set to very low temperatures. Life without aircon is equivalent to suffering in this intense summer heat. You might be tempted to turn the temperature lower than usual. However, this might also contribute to dryness as cooler temps = an increase in the dehumidifying effects of airconditioners. If you must keep your aircon to less than 20 degrees, perhaps you might consider installing a humidifier in your house or office to offset the dry air!

Too much sun exposure. Think of your skin as fruit; when left too long out in the sun, it becomes dry and dull. Limit your time out in the sun as much as possible and always, always wear sunscreen! The sun is the skin enemy #1 so make sure you're always protected or simply indoors when it is highest in the sky.

You're using the wrong lotion for your skin. Boy do we love lightweight body lotions! But often, these water-based lotions don't provide enough moisture for your skin's needs. Choose one that's cream-based instead to compensate for dryness. 

Allergies. Allergies affect different people different ways. If your skin is reacting to something, one common way it shows its displeasure is by drying out. You might want to try soothing salves and ointments in this case!

Chlorine and saltwater. Don't let your love for beauty get in the way of having fun, alright? But that doesn't mean you can be irresponsible. If you plan to soak in the pool or at the beach, apply conditioner in your hair beforehand to minimize the damage. 

Using harsh whitening or lightening products. No judgment if you prefer to have lighter skin. You have to know though that it comes at a cost; the bleaching chemicals and acids in whitening/lightening products may thin down the top layer of your skin, causing it to be super dry. 

Showering with hot water. You may want to rethink faking an onsen in your bathroom! Hot water can destroy the skin's moisture barrier, so consider taking a shower in lukewarm water instead.

High fragrance content in your skincare. We want our skincare to smell good right? However, too much fragrance in your skincare can actually irritate more than our noses - it can also cause harm to our skin. Do choose skincare that are fragrance-free, naturally scented (i.e. with essential oils or distillates), or at the least, mildly scented.

Harsh surfactants in your cleansers. It's not just cleansing our skin too much that contributes to dryness. It's also the quality of the surfactants - the ingredients that help break down dirt and oil on skin - used in the formula that you have to watch out for! SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) are two ingredients to avoid as much as possible. Again, while these are not inherently bad for your skin, it's still wise to keep away from them if you can.

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I hope you found my list useful. ^_^ Let me know if I missed anything! Have you tried Jergens soaps before?