What sorcery is this?! The Aprilskin Magic Stone is so good it hurts

UPDATE: This cleanser has a high pH level, at 10. That's about as much as detergent! I don't use this anymore, nor recommend it to anyone. Here's an updated note on it.

I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to products that get crazy raves. Are the raves organic, that is, coming from real people who have tried the product and loved it? Or are they manufactured by the brand via online "influencers", real and fake? The mass hysteria around the Aprilskin Magic Stone Soap (P990 in Aboutface.PH) seemed too over the top to be real. I mean, just look at the website of Aprilskin!

So I tried it last week just to find out for myself and holy crap - this is so good it hurts.

Literally, it stings my eyes like no other soap can. My eyes are no longer sensitive to most skincare products so nothing quite hurts 'em at this point, but the Magic Stone soap is PAIN. I can't even. I make sure to wash it off thoroughly before daring to open my eyes. 

So why do I still love it, given this rather large con? It's good. I don't know why or how, because there is no published ingredients list I can find aside from gobbledygook about natural extracts, but it works. The Original soap (the marbled one) removes my makeup thoroughly, even the water-resistant, heavy coverage kind, in more or less one wash. It has also lessened my blackhead situation in just a week of use! 

It makes my face feel tight after washing but even when I don't use any skincare afterwards, I don't get too dry. My face feels smooth. The milia I tend to get around my eyes are gone. I haven't changed anything in my routine aside from adding this soap as cleanser, so I know it's the cause.

My eyes were dying while I'm snapping this shot

My eyes were dying while I'm snapping this shot

It's supposed to be unscented but it has a very strong cheap soap smell. It doesn't feel like cheap soap at all though. Its foam is thick, lush, and soft, the way expensive cleansers feel. A small amount goes a long way so I cut off a tiny piece for my use and stored the rest in the box.

I have yet to try the Magic Stone Black, but I understand it's a milder version with more brightening properties. The Original one excels at deep cleansing, hence it is recommended to be used in the evening.

The Aprilskin Magic Stone Soap is expensive AF - I mean, seriously, P990 for a soap?! - but it's good. Again, I don't know what kind of sorcery went into making it, but there's definitely something to the hype. I will add it to my routine to rotate with my other cleansers! It's one of those things you have to try to believe.

And please, for the love of all you hold dear, don't get it into your eyes.

You can find the Aprilskin Magic Stone in AboutFace.PH. It's currently on sale at P950.