Ten unpopular beauty opinions: Do you agree?


Everybody is entitled to their opinions. That doesn't mean that all opinions are based on fact or equal in terms of weight. Still, airing opinions - however unpopular or unpleasant they may be - is key to a healthy conversation, which can then give birth to new ways of thinking. Do you agree or not with the ones below?

You may not be beautiful, and you don’t have to be

We’ve heard this so many times, it’s practically cliché: we are all beautiful. And yet despite all the ad campaigns and empowerment efforts, society still has a simplistic criteria on defining attractiveness. No matter how much that definition of beauty changes throughout the decades, the truth is there’s no need for you to be beautiful. At all. If you don’t fit into the traditional standards of beauty and can find peace in yourself, that’s great! Just remember that not everyone can be as comfortable about this and that’s okay too. 

Being beautiful can be useful in many ways but it is simply one accomplishment; there are others to conquer. 

Jessy Mendiola's spread on FHM (Image via paddylastinc.com)

Jessy Mendiola's spread on FHM (Image via paddylastinc.com)

Being pretty sucks

When FHM crowned Jessy Mendiola as the sexiest woman in the country, people went on to bash her for being confident about herself. The sad reality is, women who are considered beautiful or attractive by societal standards still get a lot of hate, especially if they’re in the public eye. Having your life so closely scrutinized can make you constantly aware (and worried) about your insecurities. And with such a high regard placed on physical beauty, it can feel like it’s the only thing about you that people care about.

People DO notice your tiny flaws

Chances are, you also notice theirs, too. Unless we were all blind, it’s impossible to not see each other’s physical imperfections but it doesn’t give us a free pass at being judgmental either. In as much as you don’t enjoy people pointing out that annoying zit that popped up this morning or the belly you’ve developed eating too much, there’s no need for you to remark on the flaws you see in them either. Just brush it off, and go about your life.

You DON’T have to cover up your eye bags or dark circles

Maybe you’ve had one too many late nights, or maybe you were just born with it! Dark undereye circles and puffy bags can be caused by allergies, eczema, iron deficiency or even just plain ol’ genetics. They’re just a normal part of the skin just like freckles and moles, so it’s unfair to assume that someone who has them is sleepy or tired. Cover ‘em up if you prefer but you shouldn’t feel pressured to do so.

Lip scrubs are a waste of money

Lip scrubs may not be hella expensive but why buy at all when you can easily make it at home? Raid your kitchen and simply mix a bit of sugar and coconut oil together for an easy and moisturizing DIY, brush flakes away with your toothbrush, or gently rub lips with a soft towel after slicking on some balm. You’ll get the same results at practically no cost, and just use the money that you save to buy something else!

Highlighters make your face huge

When done right, highlighters can lift, brighten, and improve the overall look of your complexion. It’s a great way to fake that “lit from within” look and play up your features. The key to keeping it from turning into a sparkly mess is to only apply it only on certain areas – on the tops of your cheekbones, the tear ducts, under the arch of your eyebrows, on the center of the bridge of your nose. Because our faces and features aren’t all the same, it can take a bit of trial and error to find the best placements for you but the results are well worth it!

Overlining lips is overkill

We love how lip liners can help prolong the wear of lipsticks, stand alone as lip colors, and are usually inexpensive! You can even use them to make your lips look fuller and lusher but placing it waaaay outside the natural lip line just looks like you have bad eyesight or kept making mistakes while drawing your line. Yup, people can actually tell where your natural lip lines start and end! If you want to cheat bigger lips, draw just a teeny tiny bit above it. Teeny tiny lang, ha!

Liquid lipsticks are overrated

When the likes of Colourpop, Jeffree Star, and the infamous Kylie Lip Kits came out, these brands became instant super stars on social media. With everyone clamoring for liquid lipsticks, all the other brands started to release their own lines, too! Sure, liquid lipsticks have the pigmentation of a lipstick and the ease of application of a lip gloss. They’re often pretty long-lasting and thus can be quite drying! The prep work you need to do in order for liquid lipstick to look perfect (exfoliate, moisturize, apply with precision) can be tedious. So if you’ve got dryer-than-Sahara lips and want to simply be able to swipe color on in a jiffy, stick to good ol’ stick lipsticks to provide you with pigment and moisture without the puckering feel!

Image via llamapost.com

Image via llamapost.com

Drag queen techniques are meant for the stage

You’ve probably heard about baking, a technique for making the undereye area look flawless and highlighted in photos. Did you know that this technique and many more were actually popularized by drag performers for when they do stage makeup? With hot lights shining on them all night, it’s necessary to ensure that their makeup stays put throughout the performance and give extra definition to their features. We get if you want to try one or two techniques for your own personal routine but going full drag for your everyday look is not always necessary if you aren’t in front of stage lights or cameras. Let your skin breathe and your natural beauty shine through!

Skincare is more important than makeup

We’re clearly crazy for makeup here on Project Vanity, but skin care rules our hearts. After all, it’s the canvas that we paint our makeup on, and no amount of application skill can mimic the look and feel of good skin. While not all of us are naturally blessed with amazing skin, we pay close attention to its care and check for the best options available to our budgets. Investing in the best products that you can afford and practicing good skin care habits will help you feel more confidently beautiful, even without makeup!

At the end of the day, we acknowledge that how people dress, act, talk, or think is their business. We wouldn't be human however if we did not comment on other's choices. Do you agree or disagree with our list? What’s your unpopular beauty opinion?

Header image via thebuzzmag.ca