Budget Beauty: Under P400 finds from local organic brands

The debate about using products that contain chemicals and natural ingredients has been on for a while now, and it’s still ongoing. There are chemicals that are bad for you, but not all chemicals are bad. Even water has a chemical name!

Some people would much rather rely on products whose ingredients they can read easily, though, and that’s totally understandable. That’s where natural and organic products take center stage. Promising benefits through the use of plant-derived ingredients, natural and organic products have started to gain popularity among beauty fans.

We have quite a number of locally made natural beauty brands now, and they all have great things to offer. If you’re looking to go the natural and/or organic route but don’t know where to start, here are a few inexpensive things – they’re all worth under P500 each – to put at the top of your list!

Snoe Beauty Bars | Buy here

Soaps are the gateway to the world of natural beauty products. There is a wide array of soap selections in the market right now, but the ones from Snoe continue to be fan favorites – and for good reason! Unlike other soaps, they’re moisturizing. Plus, the brand carries a variant for just about any skincare need you have – from whitening to zit zapping to exfoliating.

Prices range from P300-P350 each.

Zenutrients Gugo Hair Strengthening Line | Buy here

Some chemicals found in shampoos help in keeping the consistency of the products but cause skin irritation to those with rather sensitive skin. If you break out because of shampoo, try the Zenutrients Gugo Hair Strengthening line. They’re mild enough to not irritate your skin but potent enough to deliver its claim of strengthening the hair.

The shampoo from the line retails for P243, while the conditioner sells for P260. The brand also offers a Gugo Serum, which helps promote hair strength, for P499.

Nekkid Pure Eau De Parfum | Buy here

Perfume is an underrated beauty product. Many do not realize how scents can make or break a look or an impression. If you want to start diving into fragrances, try out Nekkid Pure Eau De Parfum.  They offer six scents, but the most popular one is Pure.

It has a smooth smell that is akin to Clean Provence. What’s nice about it is the alcohol used in the perfume is derived from coconut! Plus, it only retails for P350. You must also grab the matching Pure Body Shea Butter to layer the scent and make it last longer.

Human Heart Nature SafeBlock | Buy here

We cannot stress enough how important it is to use sunscreen! It’s something that most Filipinos overlook, especially since most of us are morena and have an abundance of melanin. Just because you don’t burn under the sun doesn’t mean you can’t get harmed!

There are a few sunscreens you can try out for less than P500, but if you’re particular with keeping it natural, try the Human Heart Nature SafeBlock Sunscreen. It’s made with a variety of plant-derived oils that promise to shield your skin from the harmful rays of the sun without causing harm to coral reefs when you use it during your sea adventures. Grab this sunblock for only P399.75.

V&M Smooch Lip Detox | Buy here

Having dry, chapped lips is not a good look on anyone. Moisturize your puckers with the help of V&M Smooch Lip Detox. It’s gotten rave reviews, with some even hailing it as a dupe for Burt’s Bees’ lip balm. Its main ingredient is emu oil, and it’s petroleum-free. It also has SPF 15. For P225, it’s a steal!

Are you ready to go the natural way? Are you a fan of locally made natural beauty products? What are your faves?

Source: National Institutes of Health, LiveStrong