Fix It Fast: Five ways to quickly correct makeupocalypse

In the golden age of social media, almost every aspect of our lives is documented on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. It's no surprise that the pressure is on to constantly look sleek AF! But when you combine that desire to channel your inner Sasha Fierce while rushing out the door for your daily commute, accidents like applying too much makeup are bound to happen every now and then. So for *oh, crap* moments when you can’t afford to start over, we have a few quick ways to remedy that heavy-handed makeup look!

My right brow looks lighter and not as severe as the one on the left

My right brow looks lighter and not as severe as the one on the left

Tone down too-dark brows

Problem: Eyebrows that are too dark and too harsh.

Solution: Erase some of the product with a clean spoolie and/or a cotton bud. Then use a light-colored brow mascara to lightly and evenly coat your brow hairs, applying first in a direction against the hair growth before slicking it back to place. 

Create a more natural contour

Problem: Snickers bar contouring; it's like having brown mud lines where they shouldn't exist.

Solution: For powder contour, use clean fingers to dab away the excess with soft pats. Follow this up by using a clean fluffy brush to lightly blend out the edges, or pat on a bit of powder foundation to even it out. If you prefer using a cream or stick contour, make sure to add a makeup sponge in your beauty arsenal. You can use it dry to pat away excess product and tone down any overzealous contouring.

Diffuse a streaky blush

Problem: Your blush made you look like you either have a bad rash or got slapped really hard. 

Solution: Remove excess by dabbing (not wiping!) the angry color away with some cotton or clean tissue. Use a clean brush to diffuse it further, then dust a layer of soft-focus highlighter on top. The light-reflecting particles will draw attention away from the tomato situation underneath, and make your skin look bright and dewy.

Erase panda-worthy eye makeup

Problem: Waaaay too much eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner that ended up looking like a black eye.

Solution: If it's still salvageable, wipe away the eyeshadow gently with tissue then use a blending brush (say a MAC 217 or equivalent) to reshape the eyeshadow. Just be patient in blending, and don't go beyond the crease when applying dark colors. If all hope it lost, saturate a cotton pad with some micellar water, place it on top of your eyes, then wipe quickly without disturbing the surrounding areas. Apply the foundation you used on your face again, prime (as needed), and repeat the look if you still have time.

Lighten up dark lipstick

Problem: A bold, dark lip that ended up not working out with your FOTD or the rest of your outfit.

Solution: Blot the color away with some tissue then top your lips with a lighter lip shade, such as a nude. Gently press your lips together to allow the colors to mix.


Have you tried any of these quick techniques for correcting your FOTD in a hurry? Share your own surefire tips below!