Massive Swatchfest: The Complete Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection

This is probably the most massive press kit I've ever received in my beauty writing career, and it's only fitting that it's from such an in-demand name! Too Faced Cosmetics as you guys may have heard has just been recently acquired by Estee Lauder for $1.45 billion last November. It seems like this iconic brand is on its way up in the world; it can only get better from here. It may not have physical stores yet in the Philippines but you can find their best sellers over at

Just the other day, Sephora sent me the full Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection which recently dropped on their site. Now I was so excited to try out everything that I shot and swatched the products immediately! If you've been curious about the collection or dithering on a purchase, then I hope you find these photos useful. I'll be posting a look + capsule reviews of the products next week. Let's begin the swatch party!

Click on the gallery images to see a bigger size.

The Too Faced Papa Don't Peach Blush (P1,808) is the one that started it all. Released years ago and considered to be one of TF's most iconic products, it's a universal peach that offers a rosy, almost bronzy hue to the cheeks! Looking forward to see if this wears as well as people say. I almost never retouch blush during the day so this would be a staple in my kit if it would stay for 8.5 hours (as Temptalia claimed).

The Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection (P2,953) has eighteen highly-pigmented shades with different finishes. I like that everything veers on the warm side, and there are interesting colors to play with. There are neutrals, peaches (of course), and smoky shades to delight the eyes. 

The swatches below were done with fingers on bare, primer-free skin. Most of the colors were solid in two swipes; the bronzey shades as well as Tempting took just one swipe. They're so creamy! Are these shades gorgeous or what? Just Peachy, Candied Peach, and Caramelized stood out the most to me.

The Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Kit (P2,531) is a palette that contains a champagne highlighter, a golden peach blush, and a peach-toned light bronzer. The pigmentation level and smoothness of the formula are just right; it should layer beautifully on top of your base makeup. This palette will lend itself well to the draping and sun stripping cheek looks that are quite pretty, when done correctly.

Matte lipsticks are amazing, but glosses are a welcome change! I am digging the Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Oil Lip Gloss (P1,145) which has a balmy, non-drying, non-sticky feel and surprisingly even coverage. It's not 100% opaque, but the color is even throughout my lips.

There are eight shades available, ranging from nudes, pinks, and peaches. The swatches look just okay, but on the lips, they show up quite well!

Wearing Tickle Me Peach below on bare lips. I was expecting a streaky mess based on the swatches, but it looks even. 

All of these products have a sweet peach scent which has divided the makeup population. Some people love it, some people hate it. Me? I've got a cold right now! But from what I can sniff of it, I like. I would still prefer my cosmetics to be unscented but this is a novelty I can get behind as long the formula performs well.

We'll see how these Too Faced products wear soon! Stay tuned, and let me know if you're looking to try anything!

Too Faced is officially available at