The Lipstick Spree: 14 PV girls on whether or not Tom Ford lippies are worth it

Have you ever experienced falling in love with makeup in a very real, heartbeat-skipping sort of way? I've been a fan for a long time but something about luxury lipsticks just stop my heart. Now, I honestly don't get excited over lip products because I'm more of a face base fan, but when the sleek black box stamped with Tom Ford in gold lettering arrived for the PV team, I knew this was going to be a very different experience.


The Tom Ford Boys & Girls comprise a very special collection of 100 lipstick shades, named for 50 men and 50 women of the designer's closest friends. It includes a wide range of formulas, from matte and cream, to sheer and metallic. Each lipstick came wrapped in gold foil with a little black bow, so we each randomly chose one. It was quite a thrill to unwrap them and discover what shade we each got paired with, but the lipsticks were so beautiful, we could hardly bear to swipe them on. After three weeks of Crystal just carrying her tube around without ever swatching it, we finally put them on. And for many of us, it was love at first swipe!



Den: I practically swooned when I found my crush, Roberto, inside the gold wrapper. He's an orange-coral with warm red undertones, and one of the few to have a metallic finish. Loud and shiny as the Iron Man suit, I brought him as my date to watch Infinity War. Nearly three hours, two Jamaican patties, and a drink later, I left the cinema and found the color still intact. This is not to say that the formula didn't budge - it's just so pigmented that I can lightly blot my lips together and the color just evens out again. And when it finally does disappear, the stain it leaves behind is enough to save me from needing to reapply immediately.

Apart from having the same name as RDJ, I'm in love with the standout shade of coral (my favorite lip color) and the lightweight yet moisturizing formula. It feels very comfortable whether I wear the full layer, or just dabbed on for a more subdued effect. Admittedly, the high-shine of the metallic finish makes it very unforgiving on anything that isn't completely smooth, so I do make sure to keep my lips free of flakes before swiping it on. I'm the only one who got a lippie with this finish, and while it doesn't give as heavy coverage as the others, a single layer is enough to produce a rich color. It's so gorgeous, I can't stop looking at it!


Frankie: I met a Boy, and it looks like it might be love! Luciano is a beautiful, blue-toned red that teeters on the verge of berry pink: a shade that reminds me of the perfect old-Hollywood rouge. Full-coverage with a creamy, luminous finish, this Tom Ford formula is perfect for my perennially dry pout, feeling creamy and hydrating, with a payoff that isn't glossy, per se, but a sort of silky shine that makes my lips look slightly plump. I also feel the shade really brings out pinker undertones in my skin.

While this formula feels comfortably creamy - perfect for all day wear - I will admit that Luciano isn't one to stick around 100%, coming off with eating and drinking. If you're someone known to "eat" your lipstick, expect Luciano to stray. However, it does leave behind (at least in my case?) a subtle-but-gorgeous stain on the lips, meaning that throughout the day one can go from 1940s siren to 1990s ingenue. Reapplication is also a dream, as new layers of color glide seamlessly on top of the first.

The size of this Luciano's bullet also makes it perfect for "stamping on" color: gently press it into the lips to get a natural-looking gradient "flush" for those (like me) who prefer their MLBB not be nude.


Tellie: When Tom Ford came out with the Boys and Girls lipsticks, I just about had a heart attack at the 100 shades released! Tom Ford is well-known for its ultimate HG formulation, and surely at 100 shades you're bound to find your perfect match.

I got the Girl shade Emma, and this is her story.

Emma is an "ultra rich," meaning it's supposed to be full coverage and high shine. While it is indeed super moisturizing and high shine, it's not really full coverage. The color looks like a deep rose on the tube, but applies a cool fuschia on my lips. I also see some unevenness, where the dark areas of my lips peek through.

That said, the way the formula hugs my lips is something else. It doesn't feel like it's on there at all, which is a damn good feat considering that most wet-finish lipsticks feel like an oil slick on the lips. It's light AF and near weightless. I'm pretty bummed about the way it transfers though, because it DOES. I'm only slightly glad that it leaves a stain which leaves things looking less patchy, but it would be so much better if it didn't transfer at all!

Marielle Scarlett.jpg

Marielle: I found a feisty gal pal in Scarlett, a warm strawberry red with a sheer finish. The bold color makes her the kind of girl that dares you to try something new and exciting just for kicks. I wonder if this was named after ScarJo, because she definitely gives off that impression!

Scarlett delivers her maximum color payoff in 2 to 3 swipes and feels comfortably moist for 3 to 3.5 hours. However, I didn't get any extra moisturizing effect from this, so it is still best to start with naturally moist or balm-prepped lips. I also noticed that pressing my lips together upon initial application tends to cause the color to migrate to the outer corners of my mouth, and I believe the vibrant shade makes that all the more obvious. But once the lipstick has settled and dried slightly after a few minutes, migration is slightly less obvious. Transfer when eating or drinking is comparable to the average lipstick, and reapplication afterwards is a must as she doesn't leave a stain.

Special mention goes to the delectable vanilla scent. I can practically TASTE the marshmallowy flavor!


Angela: I got a Girl shade, Ines. It's a beautiful warm mix of pink and plum. It looks very natural on morenas. In person, it can appear a little bit darker but I still really like it. It has a pearl finish which can look glossy.

This lipstick is wonderful. You can immediately feel that it is luxurious because it's very comfortable to wear and it gives full coverage with such a nice finish. The tube itself makes for gorgeous eye candy, and you'd never want to miss the chance of using it with friends around so you can encourage them to buy one for themselves.

It lasts long untouched but after I had dinner, there was almost nothing left except for a nice stain. It also transfers easily so anyone looking to buy this shade and particular finish should be mindful. Even having said that, I think this luxury lipstick from Tom Ford is worth it.

1805 Tom Ford James-1.jpg

Sam: You knowwwww, some people will say that it's not about the size but how good it is. My latest boytoy, James, just proved that. He's smooth, suave, and creamy. He felt so gewd on my lips! ;)

Anyway lol, James looks like a pink MLBB in the tube but deposits a lovely coral that freshens up my whole look. It delivers a sheen to the lips that doesn't look cheap. Consistent with other Tom Ford lipsticks, it lasts up to four hours without meals and drinks. Despite this, it's just made for reapplication since it's a clutch lipstick. I wouldn't mind whipping it out in public either. Mostly I'm just surprised at how great the shade is... I have a feeling James will not be my last boy.


Claire: My Boy Alain has made a red lipstick convert out of me! I always tend to go for safe hues, as my mostly pink-brown nude-ish lipstick collection would attest to. Described by Temptalia as "a rich, medium red with cool, pink undertones and fine fuchsia and pink pearl," it definitely stands out from the rest of my lippies. I wasn't so sure I could rock the color; even blended out with my fingers and blotted with tissue, the color is as bold as ever! I really like how it didn't emphasize my flaky lips. I personally find that it wears well even without lip balm underneath. I do love that it doesn't feather or bleed out as most reds do. Finally, a red lipstick I can wear without lip liner!

It also stays put on my lips, and leaves a flattering, even stain after a meal. He's small, but I actually like it that way (yes, that's what she said!). It's definitely a special occasion lip color for me, and it would fit into any little clutch or bag I'll be using for events.


Katsy: I got a Boy! His name is Warren and he's a warm brick red in cream finish. The packaging is luxe through and through as its got enough heft for you to know how valuable the tube is, even with the smaller size.

I love how the shade livens up my face without being an "in your face" red. This doesn't quite set though so I'm careful not to keep pursing my lips as there can be a bit of bleed. I somehow turn this into an advantage by smudging it in (especially after eating) which works wonders for leaving behind a pretty, just bitten stain but I don't really mind reapplying to maintain full color. This lipstick is quite handy and who wouldn't want to keep whipping out that lovely tube for a retouch?

With this as my first Tom Ford lipstick, I'm convinced it won't be the last. Out of the luxury lipsticks I've tried and documented on my IG account, I have to say Tom Ford is pretty up there. Both formula and packaging are A+, and the color and finish selection is quite extensive. I've got quite a few lined up on my wishlist already. Wicked Ways and Best Revenge both have my name on them. In the meantime, do take Warren out for a spin if you're looking for an everyday red. I dare say that you can wear it even with a pretty bare face and still look polished and prepped. I know I have. ;)

Crystal: I met a Boy and his name is Giacomo! First of all, his case just has luxe written all over him. My friends that have met him have gotten envious and want one for themselves! Sorry, girls, but he's all mine!

As for the formula, while I believe that there is absolutely no reason to buy luxury lipsticks if you don't want to, there's just something in luxury formulations that you can't get from a drugstore lipstick. This lipstick is moisturizing without feeling balmy. In fact, it almost feels like nothing on my lips. It has pretty good lasting power for a moisturizing lipstick, but what sold me on this, however, is the CRAZY stain it leaves behind. I can get through a meal plus a light snack and still look decent.

Giacomo is a bright, pink coral with a pearl finish. It goes on semi-sheer but is buildable. With two layers of lipstick, I feel that it looks brighter on my face than it does in the tube. This is definitely a statement shade in my lipstick collection. I'd use this on girls' night outs, especially since I usually don't have time to put on a full face. It's bright enough to carry my whole look plus I know that I'd still look good after several drinks.

Gett Leigh.jpg

Gett: It’s a Girl! I got Leigh, which TF described as a warm coral with a cream finish. On me, it looks a bright watermelon pink! I typically shy away from bright pinks because I feel like they don’t suit me, but Leigh has enough warmth that I feel comfortable enough to wear it on its own.

These days, I’ve been leaning towards creamy/glossy lippies as inspired by models in the Japanese magazine ViVi, and Leigh is my ticket to that glossy lip goodness. It glides easily across my lips, and I like that I can build up the intensity of the color. I apply two layers for full color if I want my lips to be the focal point of my makeup. Since this is a cream lipstick, this transfers away and I have to retouch more than I would when I wear something matte. I don't really mind since applying this makes me feel so ~fancy~. It feels moisturizing at first, but that feeling disappears as the lipstick wears on so I still find it necessary to prep the lips with lip balm.


Stacie: My man, Alain, screams classy, rich, and luxe. He is a mid fuscia red rather than a pink, which brightens my complexion and gives life to my pale skin. He is very loyal, meaning he doesn't leave stains on my cups or utensils when I eat but he loves leaving his mark on my lips. The stain when he fades is CRAZY! He applies glossy, wet, and pigmented in one swipe, and dries down super light, as if you have nothing your lips but he still looks gorgeous throughout the day, as if freshly applied- even after a whole day of work! He enhances my lips and makes sure my flaky lips look soft and moist. Guess it's safe to say that Alain is a reliable man!

The one thing that makes him a little less perfect is that he's tiny. 🙊

Angeli: I have a Boy and his name is James. Housed in a black, clutch-sized tube with only 0.07 oz of product, this is just too tiny and expensive for me. Nevertheless, it has LUXE spelled all over it. If you are a packaging junkie, you will instantly love the over-all feel of carrying it around.

James is a pink with warm coral undertones in a cream satin finish. True to its description, it was exactly how the shade registered on my lips. The finish differs depending on the lighting - it looks almost glossy when worn in direct natural lighting (which I used for this photo) but when worn indoors under fluorescent lights, it gives a satin finish. I always shy away from coral or the bright pinks since it doesn't suit my skin tone very well. Surprisingly though, I got a lot of compliments while wearing this! I am very impressed at how creamy the lipstick was during application. It was very easy to apply and it glides on very smoothly - no tugging whatsoever. I had to go on a second layer to get full opacity because first application will not completely cover your lips. Because of the satin formula, this is not transfer-proof. It does feel a bit drying by the third or fourth hour of wear so I highly suggest wearing a lip balm underneath.

I don't like creamy or satin formulas because I am always eating (wink) so if you are like me, you can wear this on top of a matte lipstick to lighten a dark mauvey/berry shade. Just apply to the middle part of the lip and it will give you that beautiful ombre effect with a bit of glossy sheen on top. That's how I prefer to wear James and so far so good!

Tom Ford - Charlie.jpg

Charlie: Before I opened the black sleek tube of Giacomo, I checked the color description and a few swatches online just to see how different or similar it would register on my lips. The shade was described as a warm coral with a pearl finish and upon first look on the tube, it does lean toward a pinkish coral with a few specks of glitter. But when I applied it, straight from the bullet, it looked more of a hot pink shade on me.

I like how easy it was to apply and the color showed up even with just one swipe. However, the finish is not my jam. It seemed like a cross between a glossy and creamy lipstick. It also didn’t quite survive my lunch but I was left with a very, very light tint. Nonetheless, I really like the color on me and I find that applying it with my fingers sheers out the color and makes it look more tint-like, which fits my makeup profile better.

Kim: As my first luxury lipstick, I had a lot of expectations for Tom Ford's lipstick formula. The shade that I got, Emma, is a cool toned red with a glossy pearl finish. It reminds me a lot of Crayola's Violet Red, which isn't the same as their Red Violet FYI. While neither the shade nor finish is my cup of tea, I'd have to say that the thinness and lightness of this lipstick is next level. It doesn't quite feel like a separate layer of lipstick as it hugs the lips like second skin.

The pigmentation is sheer at first swipe but can be built up to a nice even opacity. Even after several layers, however, Emma looks nowhere near as rich on the lips as it does on the tube. If you're picking your first TF lipstick, make sure to swatch against the back of your hand to test it out! With its glossy pearl finish, this unfortunately transfers and lasts for three hour tops with frequent drinking. It also disappears completely and bleeds off my lip lines after meals.

Note that this clutch-sized lipstick is T-I-N-Y. I always have to remember to do my upper lip first and to roll up a generous amount so I don't end up staining the packaging. If you're a packaging junkie, the luxe white and gold bullet of the Girls will give this lipstick major points. If the mattes have better lasting power and the same comfortable wear, I'd be inclined to get this in another matte shade.


Have you fallen in love with the Tom Ford lippies as we have? What shade and finish would you want to get?