Tinted Love: A review of the new Kris x Ever Bilena Tinted Lip Balms

This story is brought to you by Ever Bilena.

She’s a fighter, a mother, a queen, and she’s bouncing back! While the last year has been challenging for the Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino is all about maintaining positivity in her life and, of course, serving up a heaping helping of LOVE LOVE LOVE. Along with the good vibes comes curated additions to the ever-expanding Kris Life Kit line, her hands-on collaboration with Ever Bilena. So pucker up for the Kris Tinted Lip Balms!


At P205 for 3.25g of product, this is a super affordable way of getting on the tinted balm trend that’s currently sweeping the beauty world. The packaging of the tinted balms is made up of lightweight plastic, but the twist-off cap is a nice touch that prevents the balm from accidentally opening and making a mess of your purse. There are three available shades: Close To Me is a warm peach nude that has an almost no-lipstick look on naturally pigmented lips. Caring is a sheer hot pink. Courage is a warm-toned plum that registers at medium intensity, so it’s not too dark to be intimidating.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Tinted Lip Balms, but I was pleasantly surprised by how smoothly they glided on the lips without feeling heavy or greasy. While this isn’t the creamy kind of balm, there is an instantaneous hydrating effect that stays on for a good 3 hours before completely drying up. Even as I tissue’d off each shade while swatching, I liked that my lips continued to feel soft and moisturized even after I had taken color off. No dry, patchy lips while swatching? That’s a first!


There is a sweet, slightly tart scent on the balms that reminds me of strawberry bubblegum or gummy candy. However, the balms are actually flavorless, and the scent doesn’t linger too long. This is actually an important feature as flavorless and scentless lip balms are better for your lips!

Being a nude shade, Close To Me has a hint of milkiness to its color that tends to settle on the lip lines, but it isn’t super obvious unless you look at it closely. Because of the more pronounced pigmentation of Caring and Courage, you might notice some patchiness in application if you have super dry lips. This is easily remedied, though - simply apply another layer of balm on the area! 

In general, the pigmentation of all three shades can be described as a sheer wash, with a satiny finish as opposed to a sticky gloss. None of the shades leave a stain but I don’t mind as these are easy to reapply and help keep my lips moisturized.

Are you ready to get on the tinted balm trend? Share your thoughts on this release in the comments!

Photography by Nicole Quindara