The Face Shop x Coca-Cola: A review on the oil control cushion and lipstick

Long before I’d jumped on the K-Beauty hypetrain, I was already a big fan of The Face Shop. Their Lovely Me:Ex Angel Skin Powder Pact was my first upgrade from drugstore pressed powders (and still holds a soft spot in my heart for its finely-milled, soft-matte finish). I still hold their My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint as one of the gold standards for Korean lip and cheek tints: viscous enough to not be messy and bleed into my teeth, as other, more watery tints are apt to do. I’ve grown to be such a fan of their products that, despite being on no-buy, I can’t resist at least taking a peek when I pass by their stores, excited to see what new products or deals are on offer.

On a recent trip, however, a product - or should I say, product partnership - had me raising my eyebrows. The Face Shop x Coca-Cola Limited Edition Collection honestly felt like it’d come out of left field. Wanting the cutesy pout of a Kakao Friend or the youthful glow of a Disney Character makes sense, but weren’t people told to avoid sugary soft-drinks if they wanted good skin?

Still, I was intrigued enough to agree to give some of the products a try. Specifically, as a sucker for cushion foundations, I opted to road-test their Oil Control Water Cushion as well as one of their bullet lipsticks, which I used as a multi-stick.

The Face Shop x Coca-Cola Oil Control Water Cushion (P1,395)

Like many K-Beauty addicts, I’d fallen into the trap of collecting cushions, fawning over them for a while, before losing interest. While I liked the dewy effect cushions gave, the heavy feeling I got from stamping them on, as well as the tendency of the more long-wearing formulations (like the Peripera Ink Lasting Mint Cushion) to break up and pill on my face after a few hours ultimately had me ditching them after a few weeks in favor of my old reliable BB creams or liquid foundations.

Cushion only. Note the smooth finish!

Cushion only. Note the smooth finish!

Given these previous experiences, I was pleasantly surprised by The Face Shop x Coca-Cola Oil Control Water Cushion. Not only was the formula relatively lightweight and blendable (I tested with using both a dense kabuki brush and a Beauty Blender, preferring to use those over the standard cushion sponge), but it also possessed a surprising amount of coverage, hiding my lighter blemishes to the point that I was comfortable going sans-concealer. In fact, I’d say the skin-perfecting powers of this ‘pact would be at-par with cult-favorite Aprilskin, if not for a few reservations.

Perhaps because this particular product was formulated for oil control, I found the Oil Control Water Cushion to have a dead matte finish. Certainly, it was nowhere near a Western matte liquid foundation, and it would be perfect for oil-skinned girls looking for a slightly more natural finish. For my oily-combination skin though, it looked too dew-less for my taste. Wearing this base for a few hours out did help a bit, as the formula melted into my natural oils, but this “settling” had the odd side effect of fading the cushion out on my forehead, which is not a usual place I see foundations coming off. Retouching was easy enough, however, thanks to the cushion format, so this is hardly a deal-breaker for me.

After six hours of wear, I had flaking around my nose and forehead

After six hours of wear, I had flaking around my nose and forehead

I’ve actually taken to using this cushion regularly since I’ve gotten it, so I can honestly say this particular item is a win! However, I would caution those who favor the bright and dewy cushion look not to expect the same results from this compact. Thankfully, the formula does play nice with other products, so I’m able to still get my chok-chok glow on with the help of a liquid illuminator!

Editor's Note: It bears mentioning that the shade selection is limited and leans light, as per usual with K-Beauty bases. Best to swatch and apply this in person to get a good match!


The Face Shop x Coca-Cola Lipstick (P895)

While the cushion was a win, I’ll have to admit that The Face Shop x Coca-Cola Lipstick is a pass for me. I have the shade Ice Orange, which is a terracotta-toned peach-red that I prefer for daily wear over the standard MLBB nude. The color payoff was good, and it did stain the skin of my hand. However, for a matte formula that isn’t budge-proof, I found lipstick itself drying even when worn on top of a balm.

Payoff not as bright on the lips.

Payoff not as bright on the lips.

For the price-tag, I found this creamy-matte formula to be rather meh as a lippie, especially when compared to The Face Shop’s other lip products. However, it does have potential as a multi-stick: while it came off rather quickly on my lips, the lippie did last long on my cheeks, creating a nice watercolor flush when blended on with warm fingers. Still, considering the amount of product you pay for, even this lifehack might not be enough to make purchasing this lippie worth it for non-collectors. If you’re a fan of Coca-Cola though, have at it!


The final verdict? Though the lipstick may be appealing only for packaging collectors, The Face Shop x Coca-Cola’s cushion compact performs at par and, in some areas, even better than similarly-priced options from other K-Beauty brands. While this collaboration might make for an unlikely match, The Face Shop x Coca-Cola Collection is worth taking a look at, if only for the face base products alone.

Which products are you looking to try? Sound off in the comments below!