This is the best eyebrow color for Pinay hair

One question we often get asked in Project Vanity is what brow color to use for natural Filipina hair. When I went back to my natural color last April after years of dyeing my hair lighter, I realized how important it was to wear the right brow shade as my makeup always looked off before I re-stashed my brow kit. I followed the universal color theory when it came to brows when I shopped for new brow products. Repeat after me: one shade lighter for dark hair, and one shade darker for light hair. It’s all about finding the right contrast!

While Koreans prefer their warm, reddish hues, I truly believe and recommend that a shade somewhere along gray browns and deep taupes is the way to go if you have virgin dark brown to deep black hair typical to most Pinays. Here are three of our recommendations under the P500 mark!

Maybelline TattooBrow Ink Pen in Grey Brown (P299 at department stores)

Remember this brow pen that went viral for a hot minute? I love the Maybelline TattooBrow Ink Pen because it performs true to promise. You can easily do hairlike strokes with just a flick of the pen. It’s smudge-resistant and lasts for about 6 to 8 hours on my oily skin. I just need to remember to give it a few shakes before application so the ink flows without skipping.    

NYX Eyebrow Powder Cake in Black/Grey (P390 at SM Beauty)

If you have unruly brows that need taming, this duo-powder + wax combo from NYX is a good drugstore find. The shade Black is actually more deep taupe than actual jet black, which is what I used in the photo above. The wax does well to hold your brow hairs in one direction for a tidy look. It also comes with mini tools so you can fix your brows on the go.

Project Vanity x Ellana Life-Proof Eyebrow Gel in Dark Brown (P499 at Ellana)

The PV x Ellana Life-Proof Brows might be the most expensive of the bunch but it also happens to be my favorite beauty find for the whole of 2018! This pomade can be applied either with a light hand for soft, everyday brows, or with a heavy hand for more glam, on-fleek brows. The creamy, blendable formula gives you a nice window to blend out your lines for a seamless marriage between your brow hairs and the brow product. Once it dries, it’s pretty much budge-proof and would stay until you’re ready to wash it off.

Here’s my MOTD wearing Project Vanity x Ellana Lifeproof Brows in  Dark Brown . The right brow color can make or break a look!

Here’s my MOTD wearing Project Vanity x Ellana Lifeproof Brows in Dark Brown. The right brow color can make or break a look!

Just to show how seamless the right color would look, here’s a contrast of my brows using three different brow colors usually offered by most brands. Spot the difference! Ash Blonde and Warm Brown shades work well for when you have dyed hair. For natural brunettes though, Dark Brown would be your best bet. You almost can’t tell where the real brow hair ends and brow product begins with this color.

Do you have natural Filipina hair? Which brow products are your go-to’s?