Complete Swatches: Brighten your mood (and nails) with TenTen's Tropical Serenade

What do you do to perk up when you’re feeling down? Maybe take extra time with your skincare, put on a cute outfit, or swipe on your favorite lipstick? If you need a visual reminder that you can constantly see, though, I think that manicures are the way to go!

I look at my hands a lot while typing, fiddling with my phone, or even eating. Seeing pretty, perfectly polished nails helps me feel like I have my life together. As cloudy skies and surprise rain showers signal the end of summer, TenTen Nails offers bright and cheery pops of color to display on our digits. Meet the Tropical Serenade collection!


Featuring five vibrant colors at P130 each, the collection is perfect for channeling that “beach chic” aesthetic without the need for bikinis or piña coladas. It may no longer be summer here in the Philippines but these new polish shades will be perfect for chasing away the rainy day blues. Of course, each one features the same quick dry, 5-free formula that the brand is known for so even if you’re pregnant or want matching manis with kids, these polishes are safe to use.


Saint Tropez is a sophisticated mocha tan. Because it’s nude, it’s discreet and goes with any outfit. Just as nude heels do for the legs, these can elongate the look of your fingers - perfect for people like me who have small hands.


The unique mustard shade of Monte Carlo is admittedly the color the first caught my eye. I never thought yellow polish was so wearable until I tried these on! If you’re missing the sun, paint it on your nails instead.


Coral Cassis turned out to be more neon than the bottle shows, and has a milky white base that makes it a bit challenging to buildup. Nevertheless, I love the playful vibe of this orange-pink shade.


On the other hand, I thought Harbor Island would look more muted but it’s very pink and proud! I’d say it’s our shade of Project Vanity pink in nail polish form.


Finally, there’s Capri Azure - a turquoise hue with tiny gold flecks that we unfortunately couldn’t capture on camera. It’s the only one in the collection with a bit of sparkle, and the minty blue makes it look cool and refreshing.

I think TenTen Nails did a great job of capturing the colors of summer and bottling them up for us to enjoy even through the rainy days ahead. Each shade is a unique visual treat, and I love seeing them on my nails as I type. If your office or school doesn’t allow for more whimsical shades like these, I recommend getting the Saint Tropez shade and using it as the base for a negative space manicure. Use one of the other three shades to paint a very thin line at the tip for just a hint of color!