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Avon Pink Minute: Raising breast cancer awareness one monument at a time

It’s so easy to take health for granted. I’ve never been hospitalized my life so far, so I tend to be careless about taking good care of myself. However, I do try to be self-aware and pay attention to any changes in my body.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and though the month has already passed, getting checked is something that women should do regularly. Self-examination only takes up a little bit of time, but can make a huge difference in helping to detect breast cancer. Recently I went to the Avon Pink Minute event in the Quezon Memorial Circle where they gathered breast cancer survivors and other members of their community to raise breast cancer awareness.

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Look better and feel stronger with GNC Philippines

Living your best life and being your best self can be interpreted in a number of ways. If your definition includes striving for constant self-improvement on the health and wellness front, you’re in good company. General Nutrition Centers, aka GNC Philippines, is also on the move to becoming bigger, better, and stronger to match their stores in Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

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Here are the different ways women deal with their periods + the cost of it over time

Let’s face it: when asked what are the worst things about being a girl, dealing with our monthly period is one of the first things that come to mind. The blood, the cramps, and the PMS we endure for decades is no walk in the park. Thankfully, living in the 21st century gives us more options on how we manage our blood flow. We asked Yna (24), Calacatia (27), and Annette (34), as well as PV girls Gett (24) and Den (34), who have tried different methods to manage their periods to share their experiences.

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