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Fabulous At Fifty and Beyond: Five Lolas share their beauty routines

This isn’t your Lola’s beauty routine! Or is it? When you’re young and getting into kikay things for the first time, you tend to go hard on trends and do a lot of crazy experiments in the name of staying on-point with your beauty game. But once you’ve had the time to find what practices and products work for your skin and your comfort zone, you also develop confidence in your unique approach to beauty! I wanted to know what women of a certain age prefer when it comes to beauty so I reached out to five Lolas to raid their stash! 

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No boyfriend needed: 11 women on how to be single AND happy on Valentine's Day

With love songs playing everywhere and girls proudly showing off bouquets, it might easy to feel a little left out on Valentine's Day. As an “NBSB” (no boyfriend since birth), I know that I do. Still, over my twenty-odd years of flying solo, I’ve learned it’s best not to listen to those “single blues!” Instead, fill your mind with words of wisdom from these fabulously independent women who'll show you how to celebrate love even if you aren’t necessarily in love!

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The Battle of the Sexes: How different are men and women's beauty products?

Do you believe that men are from Mars and women are from Venus? While the differences can sometimes feel very stark, the fact is that many of our needs are the same, including personal care. I mean, both have the same simplistic goal to get cleaned and look groomed. So why do brands insist on putting out separate product lines for men and women?

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