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This bride-worthy nail polish line is so pretty, you'd wear it beyond your wedding day

You’ve said “yes” to the dress, blinged out your shoes, scheduled your facials, and decided on whether to book a makeup artist or do your own makeup for the big day. A must-add to your wedding prep list: get your nails did! Aside from being a great way to relax from all the stress of wedding planning (and I KNOW that there are many!), your digits are actually going to be photographed to show off your new bling so you want to make sure that they look every inch as polished as the rest of you!

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Why I'm most likely not doing a big wedding

Friends and family have, in recent years, asked me when I'm going to get married to my long-time partner. We've been together for seven years now - I'm 26, here's turning 32, so one could say we're the right age for marriage. We also know everything about one another and we could live with all that sordid information. We are best friends. I guess that's as good a qualification as any, although admittedly not quite romantic. 

We are the least romantic people I know. It'd be awkward to do a pre-nup shoot canoodling in the grass, or even a "through the years" AV presentation. We hardly have any pictures together, nor do we take any of one another. We don't know when our anniversary is except it's sometime May. Or June? We're not sure. That's the narrowest I can get.

He doesn't like most things that I like. He is my harshest critic. I don't understand his passion for cars or why he doesn't eat spaghetti or sinigang (seriously who does that? WHO?). But we can be completely ourselves with each other - no masks or pretensions - and we like what we see even though it's sometimes not pretty.

So, knowing this, can you imagine us doing a big wedding with all the trimmings? 

I suppose weddings exist so that people and the god of their religion can witness the couple's love and vows to one another. It's like...a public contract. Two people will do it in front of a hundred people so that their words are writ in the memories of their guests.

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Reader question: Makeup look for wedding guests

Hi Liz! The moment I got the invitation for my cousin's wedding, I have instantly told myself that I should ask you for advice re make up :) I have a few make up pieces for special occasions but my eye shadows are not very colorful , I have preferred to keep them in conservative hues. Also, [please] include tips on how to make them last longer for the duration of the event esp lipstick.

P.S. I am coming just as a guest. - Kris

Hi Kris! Attending a wedding, even just as a guest, is a fun opportunity to dress up and make up. Of course you'd want to look your best among friends and relatives! Now, a few pieces of makeup (when used correctly) can really take you a long way. I decided to do a video tutorial of this look with only minimal products to show you how it could be done.

I used the Laura Mercier Foundationer Primer in Radiance here, topped with the Shiseido Brightening Spot Control Foundation. I used the Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil in Deep Brown to sculpt my brows.

How to make your makeup stay on longer

Primer (on the face, eyes, and lips) helps to keep your makeup down for a longer time. However, it's also important to bring blotting sheets and a powder brush to help retouch your makeup as you oil up.

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