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The femstache dilemma

Do you have a femstache, that is, a fringe of hair on the upper lip? Removing most of the hair on a woman's face (except her eyebrows) is considered part of good grooming. Women with mustaches are objects of derision because of that cardinal rule, but if you ask me, that cruelty is unfair and underserved! I think women have the right to keep their hair if they so choose, as long as said hair is clean.

All things considered, I choose to keep my upper lip hairless. The face is simply brighter and clearer that way since even a faint fuzz of fine hair can cast a shadow, thus making skin look uneven. Before, I denied the existence of my femstache. I thought nobody can see it - but it's one of those things we just gloss over until someone calls it out. And someone did call it out.

Since then, I started either plucking or shaving my stache. However, plucking is painful and shaving gives that sensitive area chicken bumps. So I get lazy. That is, until I discovered the joys of DIY waxing. It made the process faster with less side effects so now I do it regularly.

I like using the Veet Ready to Use Hair Removal Wax Strips, the small ones for fine hair. It's easy to use and can remove most of the hair in two swipes.

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Lunch with Daniel Matsunaga for Veet

As much as I want to pretend I'm a beauty amazon with every inch of me sparkling and perfect every single day, I can't. Sometimes I don't groom my nails. Sometimes I don't bother with moisturizer. And sometimes, like any human being, I get lazy to wax or shave my legs.

I find the whole process tedious, to be quite honest. That's why I'm happy that there are instant "de-hairing" products like the ones from Veet.

At a lunch for bloggers last week, I asked Veet's Assistant Brand Manager, Issa Marfori, what sets Veet apart from their competitors. She said that their products have managed to get rid of the strong, chemical smell that other depilatory creams and waxes have. Is it a deal-maker? For me, it is. I can't stand smelly skincare products because I feel that they damage my skin more than they help.

Anyway, bloggers had a chance to meet Veet's hunk, Daniel Matsunaga, during the lunch at Via Mare in Greenbelt. It wasn't anything fussy, just the way I like it. Daniel (dah-niel, not dayniel) was very accommodating with our questions and photo op requests.

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