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What's up at Ukay Manila

Lauren and I have been working extra hard last month to bring you two exciting things for Ukay Manila: our new image model, Domz Tiu, and our brand new shoe collection, Love Walks In.

Dominique, or Domz as she likes to be called, is a freelance model, stylist, and one of the most popular fashion bloggers and Chictopia users in the Philippines. Our casual, feminine, vintage-inspired apparel is totally her style; just take a look at her blog and see for yourself! Besides saying hello to new clothes, Domz likes to eat delicious food (nutella is her weakness) and traveling. She also writes a column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Styling by Lauren/ makeup by me/ photos by Mike

Love her! We are so happy with how the photos came out. I was a bit nervous about doing her makeup since it has been a while since I did it on another person's face, but I'm glad it came out alright. Now for the shoes!

You walk in and out of places as much as you walk in and out of people’s lives. And so we believe that it is the shoes you wear that tell the world where you’re from and where you’re going, your shoes that speak of your character and express the things about you that are not often said.

That is the idea behind our new shoe brand, Love Walks In.

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Season staple: button-down polos

I am crazy about button-down polo shirts lately. I wear them with just about everything: shorts, skirts, pants, and even dresses! There are just so many looks you can do with this basic piece. It also helps that it comes in different colors, prints, and variations. The possibilities are endless!

This particular polo top is a find from an ukay in Baguio. It has poofy, voluminous sleeves, and this big v-collar running down the front and back. Very vintagey, eh? I wore it with another thrifted find, a button-down black a-line skirt.  

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Ukay-ukay outfits

You may (or may not) know that I'm the buyer for the Ukay Manila Store. I visit ukay stores all over the metro to find unique pieces to sell on the online store I co-own. I'm proud to say that the store has been successful in its first year, but more than that, I'm proud that I don't just sell ukay-ukay - I live in it!

There are some pieces that I simply don't have the heart to sell. Sometimes, I find something that I know won't sell, but it's just too unique or cheap to not buy. There are so many beautiful things in an ukay, more than what you'll find in a run-of-the-mill department store. Cheaper, too. That's why most of the clothes I have in my wardrobe are thrifted.

Here are a few outfits I came up with in a fit of boredom. I took pictures so I'll remember to wear them since I absolutely hate being late just because I keep changing my clothes!

IMG_0748 by project_vanity.

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Style Profile: Lauren Dado
Vintage and bohemian - that’s what Lauren’s fashion sense is all about. She doesn’t follow trends but prefers to hunt for unique ukay-ukay pieces to add to her collection. The thing I like most about her is that she’s not just another cliche. Her tastes and interests in music, literature, and the arts are eclectic and this reflects in the way she dresses up. Observe: Prim and proper vintage (taken by Sasha Manuel) A darling in pink
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