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OOTD: The first quarter uniform

This is how I dress most days. Unless there's an event or important meeting I have to be at, I'm in shorts (or in this care, "skorts"), a cotton long-sleeved shirt, and my Converse sneakers. The uniform changes according to the look I'm digging at the moment but right now this is it - functional and utterly comfortable without being too boring.

Forever 21 top | Stradivarius necklace and skorts | Casio watch | Converse sneakers | Tory Burch satchel

I have two of these bottoms from the same brand (the other is tan faux leather) and three of these shirts in different colors. I wouldn't have believed you if you told me a few years ago that I'd be buying duplicates, even triplicates of my clothes now. So how did it happen?

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Leather love story: the Tory Burch Medium 797 Satchel

My mother thinks I'm careless with my money, but I think I'm not doing too bad at 24. I save up and I know when I need to back off from a potentially wasteful purchase. Living independently from my parents taught me difficult financial lessons - way more effective than wordy lectures, I think! Nonetheless I want to learn more about financial wisdom ala Frugal Honey this year.

But. I work hard, so if there's something I really like that I can afford, I buy it. I've been in love with a bag from Tory Burch since November and I finally got it shortly before Christmas!

I actually bought a Tory Burch tote first. I liked it in the store, but when I opened it at home my feelings have drastically changed. I thought it was a bit too plain and too big for me. I mean, if I were to blow money on a luxe bag I might as well get something that looks like it! So I took the tote back to the store and purchased the bag that I originally liked, which was the Tory Burch Medium 797 Satchel.

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The bag fever

I have a nasty case of bag fever at the moment. I don't need a new bag, I just want something new and luxe to hold. Someone has to talk me out of it but in the meantime please indulge me. I checked out all the stores within my budget and found two drool-worthy bags!

I saw this at Tory Burch Medium 797 Satchel yesterday. It was love at first sight - I'm not kidding! I love the deep forest green color, the elegant combination of suede and leather, and of course, the shape. I have a thing for satchels because they're structured, poised, ready for anything. This one is just the right size for me, too, since it's not too large but it's still roomy enough for housing my usual stuff.

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