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The cuteness: Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in 03

There are a ton on tinted lip balms out there, but what sets the Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar(P278) apart is its winking bunny cap. You can't beat that. I imagine all the tinted lip balms of the world waving their sad little white flags to this cuteness.

All your base are belong to me

Kidding aside, the Tony Moly Bunny Gloss Bar is a nice tinted lip balm that delivers even color and moisture. It glides on the lips and stays emollient for hours. Oh, it also smells great - has that whisper of fruity notes.

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Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Heart Lip Palette

The Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Heart Lip Palette (P448) is cute, but at first it hardly looks like something you'll actually use. It looks waaay too much like a toy and reminds me of those "makeup sets" you can buy for kids - bright and fun, but the colors don't actually show up since they're just petroleum jelly.

Well guess who's wrong.

The Heart Lip Palette apparently features Tony Moly's best-selling lipsticks. After using this for a few days, I can totally see why.

What I love about the product

  • Decently pigmented. It starts off as semi-sheer but you can layer for a more opaque finish. Make sure to pile it on.
  • Great color selection. There's a nude, peach, pink, and red that are all quite flattering. My favorite is the peach!
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News flash: Tony Moly's latest releases

If you've ever been to a Tony Moly store, you'll know that the place is stocked with beauty products from floor to ceiling. The Megamall store in particular is small but the first time I went there, I spent 15 minutes going through everything! There was just so much to take in. However, even though Tony Moly carries an extensive line already, that doesn't stop the brand from bringing in more, more, more.

Here are some of the brand's latest products. A few of these may not be available yet so better inquire at the Tony Moly Facebook Page to be sure.

It's a lot! There's something for the hair, feet, face, and of course TM's cute makeup. Oh, the makeup. They look like toys so I wasn't initially inclined to take them seriously. Well I do now after using them!

Berry Trendy Style Hair Glaze (P378), Backstage Paint Eye Pot in Lavender (P448), Shiny Foot Baby Skin Heel Patch (P178), Petite Bunny Gloss Bar (P278), Lovely Girl Eau de toillete (P748)


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Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Petit Powder

I can pretty much say with conviction that the quality of Tony Moly products is uniformly good. It won't blow your mind away like the more expensive brands, but for the affordable price Tony Moly surprisingly has nice products. The more I get to know this brand, the more I like it! There's so much more to it than just the cute packaging.

This time, I'll be talking about the Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Petit Powder (P348). It's a silky, well-milled translucent powder that's great for setting your cream or liquid makeup. It especially goes well with the Tony Moly Baby Doll BB Foundation.

Texture. The Berry Lovely Girl Petit Powder feels silky and soft, quite unlike the other powders in its price range. It's a lavender white when you see it, but it blends in smoothly if you use a fluffy powder brush.

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NOTD: Tony Moly Nail Polish in NEO2

I know, Tony Moly again! Can't help it, I have quite a number of TM products here. They're too intriguing not to review! This time, I'd like to talk about the Tony Moly Nail Polish in NEO2 (P178), a traffic cone orange that really grabs attention. This is the brand's latest color and will be out later this August.

To be honest with you, I didn't think I'd like it. I've never worn orange on my nails, much less a bright neon one that can go dangerously wrong in so many ways. I was afraid that this kind of orange will look tacky, but surprise surprise, it actually looks quite classy on the nails.

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Tony Moly Partylover Shine Blusher in 03

My cherished hopes of having a quiet week has just been dashed. But it's ok, I'm up for the challenge! Before I dive deep into the workload, I just want to write a quick review of the Tony Moly Partylover Shine Blusher in Love Orange 03 (P378).

I find the name cute and funny at the same time. Partylover shine blusher? Images of crazy teens in sequins and glitter ala Katy Perry and Ke$ha come to mind. But this blush isn't actually that shiny. I'd say it has a sheen, but it's natural and quite wearable.

Shade. Love Orange is a rosy peach shade that will look good on just about any skin tone. It will blend easily with your skin so you don't have to worry about it looking obviously like blush.

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Tony Moly Baby Doll BB Foundation

Are you a makeup snob? I wouldn't call myself one because I do use drugstore brands that do wonderful things for the price. However, in my experience, the more expensive products tend to work better than their affordable counterparts. That's why I would rather save my money and spend it on big-ticket beauty items if I'm going to have to buy a specific type of product anyway.

Take foundation, for instance. The best foundation I've ever tried hurt my wallet pretty badly, but it was one of my best buys ever. I have found that foundation is something that's difficult to get right so the good ones tend to cost a really pretty penny. That's why I kinda don't know why I purchased the Tony Moly Baby Doll BB DollFoundation, because it's just P398. I didn't know exactly what I expected from it!

Well, I was impressed when I swatched it in the store and thought it was quite interesting. The clincher though was the fact that Tony Moly was new and I want to try something new. Good thing that this foundation is actually a nice product so I feel that my 400 bucks went to the right place.

Coverage and finish. I wouldn't call the Tony Moly BB Doll Foundation a proper "foundation" though. It's really more of a BB cream or tinted moisturizer to me, judging by the texture and coverage.

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Tony Moly goodies

Yesterday, I dropped by Tony Moly's recently opened branch in Megamall. I wasn't able to attend the press launch last Tuesday due to work but Foz, their marketing person, kindly set aside my press kit for me anyway.

The kit included a bunch of goodies, but I also bought this Baby Doll BB Foundation (P398) because it looked super promising when I swatched it in the store. So yeah, here's my Tony Moly loot! It'll take a bit of time to review them but I'll add my first impressions here for your reference when you visit the store. ;)

The Baby Doll BB Foundation is supposed to control oil. I tried it on half my face and it's light, it dried quickly enough. It's the only foundation at Tony Moly that can match medium skin like mine - everything else is too light. The cute bunny bottle is a face mist, I haven't tried it yet. It's called Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist. The tomato jar is their best-selling Tomatox Brightening Mask that instantly brightens skin (I swatched it on the back of my hand, it does).

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Tony Moly is now in the Philippines!

Tony Moly, the Korean cosmetic brand similar to Etude House and The Face Shop, quietly opened its first branch last April 30 in SM Fairview. I've never tried anything from the brand because I'm not so interested in Korean makeup, but I've read promising reviews of some of Tony Moly's very affordable products. 

Photos from Timeless Confection. Read her full blog post, she has more shots!

Tony Moly has the usual Korean fare: BB creams, face masks, skincare, perky makeup. Overall, I can't wait for a nearby branch to open so I can buy a couple of stuff for myself. Here's a list of future branches and their tentative opening months

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